February 8, 2009

Magazines, Magazines!

I cleaned my room today.

It's all nice and clean execpt for my desk. 

Because I just finished my Art Project

It rained again today. And, it's supposed to until Tuesday. (Here where I live.) 

And, it's supposed to rain on Valentines Day here, too. And, I am happy because I think the rain is romantic

After all, it is Valentine's Day.

I am going to recycle the magazines (after I am done reading them all) because, after all, I am trying to go green.

It's not going so well.

But, I will not be throwing the last of the magazines away, because Rob Pattinson is in them. And I love him.
I was reading some of my old blog posts from last week, to check for typos, and I had really good memories. 

Maybe this week will be as great as last week. 

I doubt so, because there is a Valentine's Dance at my school, and drama is guaranteed. 

I am going to start a new segment on this blog called "My Memories."

Boy, do I already have a lot of segments. What the World Needs and Project 365

Oh, wait... there are only two. 

Oh, I just remembered... there is also Finding my Spice

Now there are three:).

My dad was trying to be "gangster" and then he mocked people. 

That made my day.=)

It's supposed to rain tomorrow here!

And I don't have school!


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah I was wondering if you would marry me at the dance??? I have a wonderful Diamond ring for you :)
You are beautiful and would be very happy to have you as my Wife.
Just wondering???

Bella Cullen:) said...

If this is who I think it is... sure.

Just don't tell Carlisle:).

(He's my husband.)