February 17, 2009

What the World Needs

Less starvation and more baked goods. 


sushigirl4996 said...

those cookies were gooooood

McGlone Bunch said...

Yummy Yummy yum!!!! I loooove it when you bake...it makes the house warm....smell good...and my tummy bigger...okay that part is no good :) If it put padunkadunk in trunk I would consume til they were all gone :)

Spencer said...

i loved those cookies!!!!!

Melanie:) said...

@ Spencer: I know... when I was making the bags, I kept eating them!

Even though I told my little sister not to:).

Kelly said...

Hippocrete! Did I spell that right? Probably not.
When I saw these cookies it made me check the fridge to see if we have any left-over cookie batter, but mine never look that good ;-).

Melanie:) said...

I know:)

And, you still love me:D