March 19, 2009

All Knowing

Her mind flashes back to High School,
where she first met him.
A small smile spread across her lips.

She turned around to see him....
Her boyfriend.
He walks up to her and she smiles even larger.
They are just two people of the many in the hallway.
You know that they are in love, everyone knows.
The whole world suddenly changes for them.

He asks her to marry her, right out of the blue.
He wants her to marry him right when they graduate High School.

Right after he asks her, she says yes, right away.
He picks her up, and twirls her around.
When he finally sets her down,
he kisses her, and gives her the ring that forever
will be hers.
Her mind flashes to the present.
They are married, and have two children.
One boy and one girl, they are playing at the park.
One blonde, one brunette, exactly like them.

Their children get along perfectly,
just like them.
Their marriage is a simple one.
He works, and she stays home to watch after their two children.
When he comes home, dinner is on the table.
They are the perfect couple,
her the princess, and him the prince charming.

Yes, her friends are jealous, but it does not matter to her.
They are very much in love, and she is finally his.

When she goes somewhere, he tells her to hurry back to him,
and to that, she replies,

He loves how they have a weekly date night.
Every week, he gets a chance to buy her something.
She does not like gifts, but she learns to accept them, just because she loves him.

His affection and presence is enough for her.

When she finds out that she is pregnant again,
they are joyed.
Happy tears are shed.
They tell their two children, and
their parents.

When she miscarries the baby,
he is there for her.
No one understands, but him.
He is there for her, and he
comforts her.

Life is hard for her after the miscarriage,
but through him,
and his humor,
she gets through it,
and loves her children more and more.

They are the perfect image of love,
because even though they have been married for ten years, their marriage is still new.
They are each other's best friends.

And they would not trade that for the world.


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