March 11, 2009

Bathroom Art-Post Edit

It seems to me that I have been using the label "Life is Art" a lot. But, in my defense, it seems that my life is truly becoming art. Anyway, my mother went to a board meeting (concerning the California Schools), and left me to watch my sister, not that I minded:). So, my sister wanted a bath, but I had to finish my extra-credit for math. I gladly compromised, brought my chair into the bathroom, and sat down to do my extra-credit. 
I even brought my chair (from my desk) into the bathroom. (I mean, that was pretty darn spicy, if you ask me!)
I finally finished the great Pi picture at about 9PM, and then came to blog about it, so that you all could see. I even put my favorite quote on the picture:

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

And then, to put some serious spice into my drawing, after that quote, I put this:

(Like Pi Day!)

Wasn't that spicy?

Your Bathroom Artist,

Post Edit:

1) If you want an enlarged picture of the finished Pi Day picture, click on the third picture.

2) March 13th is Pink Friday. I added a button to the "Spots" part of the sidebar, and that will take you to the website. You can also click here, if you cannot find it, or it is not there. I will definitely be wearing pink, I even bought a new pink shirt. I will also be participating in something else on Pink Friday, but I do not know if it is secretive or not. 

3) Be prepared for something very fabulous (that will be posted here, at See Me Enjoy It!) tomorrow. 

4) Have you read this or this yet? If not, I command you to do so!

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Annabel said...

Ohhh, Keeanna-anna! Its so awesome! I'm Jealous.=]

P.s- I love the Spicy Shoes pic!