March 16, 2009

Morning Rituals

As much as I tried to resist posting my morning rituals, I eventually gave in. More and more people are asking me what I actually do in the morning. Well, folks, here it is. Here are my morning rituals, and my afternoon/evening rituals will probably be posted here on Tuesday or Wednesday.

5:45 Wake up. Take one fluffy dog to the bathroom, get in the shower, sing in the shower, and get out.
6:15 Choose what spicy outfit I will be wearing today. Will it be this dress? Maybe, with these shoes?
6:30 Finally decide to wear my new black skirt and my Maya shirt. (There is a picture of a girl on my shirt, and I named her Maya, therefore, it is now my Maya shirt.)
7:40 Time to go to hit the... magazines.... I mean books! I can't be late, school starts at 8am!



Kelly said...

I've always wanted to know! Thanks.

Annabel said...