March 1, 2009

The Day My Blue Dress and I Ditched School

I woke up this morning with two thoughts: I am going to wear a dress, even if it rains, and I am going to ditch school.

Begrudgingly, I got out of bed and turned on my computer. I went to the Weather Channel's website, to check the weather, and guess what?

It was going to be 85 degrees today! I was thrilled, since it is still winter, and I was worried that it would be way too cold. Well, it wasn't going to be.

Now, I couldn't technically ditch school, since, well, you know, it's Sunday. I just thought the title was catchy. 

Today was the day for delivering cookies. I absolutely loathe this part of selling Girl Scout cookies, but this year, it was a lot of fun. I got to see people I don't normally see, only if I babysit for them, or my mom gets together with some of her friends. It was nice, and it was just my dad and I, so we got to talk. 

I told him one of the various stories from last night's Cosmic Bowling trip. After we (some friends and I) were done bowling, we went to Denny's to get dessert. After we were done, we walked to the car, and there were these three drunk men, and they asked where Denny's was. We told them that they were actually there, and they walked away, and started to smoke something. I don't think I really want to know what.

In saying this, my dad then turned to me in the car and asked where me where this street we needed to go on was, and I told him we have to wait until we get to that street, and then he can ask me. 

Well, he did ask. 

And, I didn't answer.

Your Dress Wearing Blogger,


Kelly said...

Wear that tomorrow!

Kelly said...

Don't forget to bring my Thin Mints!

McGlone Bunch said...

I need to comment on all of your posts but too tired and seeing spelling errors :) battery low and got to sleep :)