March 2, 2009

Dearest March

Dearest Mrs. March,

We are finally here in 2009, and boy, oh boy, do you look promising. I can't wait to wear all of my new dresses and my ballet flats. I cannot wait to witness your attempt at Spring this year. Even though it is currently cloudy outside, I will be waiting, whether you show up, split-personality or not. So, bring yourself to my doorstep, lovely Mrs. March, I can take it. I promise.

Here are some of my March Madness To-Do listings:
  • Become a greater romantic.
  • Keep being vegetarian.
  • Try my second hand at new spring wardrobe ideas thanks to Reachel:

  • Read Pride and Prejudice.
  • Try my not-so-green thumb at gardening.
  • Take better care of myself.
  • Turn the tips of my moth upward into what everyone calls a "smile". Use it to show how you love March!
  • Respond to all emails, right when I get them.
  • Spice up my room. I will call my room from now on, Retro Room.
  • Count the days until March 21st. Twilight is released on DVD.
  • Buy a button for my blog. And, I might even redecorate for you, Mrs. March.
Notice that most of these listings are self-indulgent, and revolve around me. Well, be alright with self-indulgence, because March doesn't last forever.

Welcome Back.



Kelly said...

Will you wear a skirt today? I am too!

TeeTee said...

I can't believe I missed that... I was not feeling well this morning, so I stayed home. I am going to wear a dress tomorrow though.

Kelly said...

I hope you feel better!
Maybe I can find a dress..

McGlone Bunch said...

How do you know March is a Mrs.??? and whom is she married too???

Kelly said...

Mr. April of course!