March 27, 2009

Do You Like Your New Design?

Dear Blog Titled See Me Enjoy It!,

Hey, TeeTee here, remember me? I was the one who gave you life, you surely can remember me.

I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions:
  • Do you like your new design?
  • Do you like how the header blends in with the background?
  • Do you feel more confident because of your new design?
Well, I certainly did a lot to you, and it was hard.

Really hard.

For my dad.

Because of the fact that he knows HTML codes like he knows his way to work, I "hired" him. He told me to write down everything I wanted to do with you, and he would try {his very best} to do it.

Well, you are the finished {until I decide to change you for summer} product.

We {my dad and I} got rid of those ugly border lines, ugly sidebar-divider-lines, ugly post footer lines{ I am just guessing names here}, and we uncapitalized the font on the Post Footer. I made you new spring colors and I changed some of the sidebar things. Today, I added a new thing on the sidebar that allows you to subscribe by email! How cool is that?

I hope that you can answer some of my questions because I am anxiously waiting.

Yours Truly,

P.S.- You can write me a letter back anytime you want on a new post and post it to this blog! Thanks.

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