March 6, 2009

TeeTee's Friday Face

Introducing My Dog:
Virginia Mae

Virginia is a pure-bread Bloodhound that we adopted two years ago. We instantly fell in love with her, and she has captured our hearts. She is very adorable, and loves to be treated like a princess. She has had her fair share of cupcakes, muffins, and brownies.

TeeTee: Why do you like to eat the things that I bake?

Virginia: I just get so hungry sometimes.

TeeTee: Well, I feed you everyday.

Virginia: Okay, I lied. I love your baking. Please bake more often.

TeeTee: Well, our mother is currently dieting. I'll see what I can do.

TeeTee: So, I have been meaning to ask you, why do you think you have so many wrinkles?

Virginia: Well, I used to weigh 200 pounds. I now weigh 100 pounds. I think it is because I lost so much weight.

TeeTee: Well, you are still beautiful.

Virginia: Thank you.

TeeTee: What has been your favorite thing that you have jumped up on the counter and eaten?

Virginia: I will have to go with those cupcakes you made last year. The chocolate was delicious, even though I am not allowed to have chocolate.

TeeTee: Are you jealous of Cajun?

Virginia: Why should I be? He's really dumb, and fat, to top it off.

TeeTee: Well, since people scream and run away from you, and not him.... I think you would be jealous.

Virginia: Well, when I am on a walk, almost everyone stops and pets me.

TeeTee: Yes, this is true.

Virginia: Do you have anymore questions for me?

TeeTee: Yes, what is one word that describes you?

Virginia: Playful.

TeeTee: That's what I was just thinking.... weird.          

* For the record, I got the idea for Friday Face from this blog (click where it says "this"). Thanks for the wonderful idea!                                                       

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