March 10, 2009

Well, Have Your Cake and Eat It Too-Post Edit

I found this picture on the webenet (internet) somewhere, and I thought that I would share. I believe that it is an ad for Kate Spade. I want to eat all of this cake. And, I would, too. 

Especially the chocolate cake. 

Love (and some cake),

Post Edit:

1) I am sorry for the short posts lately, but much like this person (click on the link), I am lacking inspiration. I am also very busy, and I am kind of depressed. (I don't know why.)

2) On a better note, something extraordinary (at least, I believe) will be posted here on Thursday. 

3) And, lastly, I thought that I would share this story with you all. I went to the grocery store today with my mom and sister. My mom left us in the middle in the aisle to go get something somewhere else. Meanwhile, my eight year old sister sits in the cart and tells me that this guy (that she thinks I think is cute) and I had a baby, and it was her. Let me assure you all, this is totally not the truth. I mean, she's my sister! She practically yelled it, and everyone looked at me. Yes, it was very embarrassing. But, I just laughed while I typed this story, so it was worth it.


Kelly said...

Post Edit 3 is funny. Silly Vayland. But wait.. if she's your daughter... is your Mom a Grandmother?
And thanks for linking my blog ;).

TeeTee said...

I can't wait to tell you who the dad is... you'll get a kick out if that:).