April 13, 2009

Easter Adventures-A Photo Essay

It begins with fighting over what we are going to do first. Are we going to have the Egg Hunt first, or eat breakfast. Normally, arms are crossed, and it end with a solution. We decide to go egg hunting.

Everyone divides up, and goes hunting. We look up close, we look far away. We look with partners. We compete against each other.

My dad gets the pleasure of seeing how many eggs are left to be found. One lone egg is left, and who will find it first?

That is forever a mystery.

Completely Awesomely Gratuitous Outfit posting, Easter style. I just couldn't help myself! Some spicy red shoes are also needed to properly completer an Easter Adventure.

This year's goodies, via Easter eggs.

I wonder what next year will bring.

Definitely not a sugar high.



I will no longer be posting "Completely Gratuitous Pant Post" posts here any more. Instead, they will be located here for your viewing pleasure.

More pictures can be seen here.


Sarah :) said...

I adore family traditions.
Maybe that's because I love my family so much. Or the food.
Yeah, probably the food. :)

Kelly said...

No Egg Hunt for me at my house.

We go to gramma's for the eggs.