April 8, 2009

Forever Twirled

Everyone thought that they were in love.
They were both very beautiful 
and the best of friends.
Everyone, including her,
thought that they would make
a perfect couple.

In High School, 
everyone still thought that they would 
make a perfect couple.
He finally decided to ask her out one day.
He was hesitant to ask her,
because he thought that she might want to
 just stay friends.

She surprised him by saying yes.
He picked her up and 
twirled her around.

She loved it when her did that.
He had been twirling her around
since the seventh grade.
They had PE together that year
and they had something called
"Free Choice Friday" where they could do
any activity in PE.
They would walk around the field and talk.
That is how they got to know each other so well.
While they were talking, 
he would randomly pick her up and twirl 
her around.

She screamed at first, 
but she was dazzled.
She secretly had a crush on him, 
and she thought that he might not feel the same way.

He also had a crush on her,
but she didn't know.

She was so dazzled,
once he set her down,
she couldn't walk, and 
she fell.
He had to help her walk.

He didn't know this,
until a couple of months ago,
when they were playing "Truth or Dare" one day,
just the two of them,
and she admitted to him that
he had once dazzled her.
She told him all of the details, and
he smiled.

On the inside,
he was bursting with joy.
He had dazzled her.

He looked up at her,
and he dazzled her again.
He only did this with her, 
he only had eyes for her,
It was very hard not to dazzle her,
she was too darn adorable.

They were total opposites,
she was very intelligent, but very ditzy,
and he was funny and coordinated.

They were truly the perfect couple.
So, it was no surprise when they started 
to date.

When everyone was applying for college,
they applied to the same colleges.

They both decided to go to Yale,
and that's where they were heading in September.
She majored in Genetics,
and he majored in law.

On the day that they both graduated from college,
he asked her to marry him.
She said yes, 
and he picked her up and twirled her around.

They got married a year later.
When the minister who married them 
said that he could now kiss the bride,
he picked her up and twirled her around.
He eventually go to kissing her,
and it was one of the most romantic things that he had ever done.

Another year passed, 
and she found out that she was pregnant.
When she told him this,
he picked her up and twirled her around.
He set her down,
kissed her with all of his might,
and then lightly kissed her stomach.
She was so skinny that she didn't even look pregnant.

The next nine months passed by quickly.
The baby was healthy,
and when they were leaving the hospital,
he picked her up and kissed her.

When their daughter grew to be thirteen years old,
she asked him why he would pick her mom up 
and twirl her around.

He told her about what he would do in
the seventh grade on Fridays.
He told her the whole story,
even the part about the dazzling.



I hope you like my first real post in a long time. I actually wrote this while I was campimg. Let me know what you thought!

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Sarah :) said...

Hiya TeeTee! Thank you so much for the comment over on my blog. I've been slacking on it for some time, but I'm hoping to be able to come back with full force.
If you don't mind me asking, how did you run across it?

On to your post. It was beautiful. It made me cry, it really did. Then again, I am the worlds most HOPELESS romantic, but that's beside the point. It was lovely, and I very much enjoyed it.
I think I'm going to very much enjoy getting to know your blog. (:

TeeTee said...

Sarah:)- You are very welcome! I have been reading your blog for awhile, and I have absolutely no idea how I came across it-but I am glad I did!

I think I might challenge you for the title of Worlds Most Hopeless Romantic. I am glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed writing it:).

Kelly said...

Tee tee,
This sounds familiar... did you have inspiration??

I really am glad you made a full length post and not something about being gratious :-).

TeeTee said...

Hm... any inspiration.....

Kind of.

I was thinking about a guy...

And then, bam! An idea popped into my head.

And, then this poem was produced.

Sarah :) said...

Oh, girl. The battle is on, and this is one I will win. ;)