April 22, 2009

His Blue Eyes.

{Picture via TeeTee, her camera, and a program called Photoshop.}

He has the prettiest blue eyes.

It is true.
I am not bias.
Everyone likes his blue eyes.

Every little glance, 
every little twinkle of his blue eyes, 
every laugh, 
every word, 
makes me love him even more.

I am not special, 
so why should he like me?

Maybe, he might find
a reason to.

Every time he hugs that girl,
the "it" girl, 
I get insanely jealous.

I want him to be hugging me
not her.

But, I live through it, 
because he is not worth my constant worrying.


Read this?
Been here lately?
Seen this?
Chewed this gum?


dbananad said...

Who's the lucky guy? Jk. You don't have to tell me. I'll put on my Sherlock Holmes outfit and find out.

TeeTee said...

He goes to a different school, so no Sherlock Holmes this time:).

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

You're right--he's probably not worth the worrying. :-) Glad to see a post here today!

Sarah :) said...

Girl. I know how you feel...
And it's good you're here. :)

Alphie said...

Love is so complicated...

Really glad you're back though! =)