April 21, 2009

I am Leaving.

Yes, that is right.

I am leaving.

I recently got the pleasure of moderating comments, which I love doing... right?


I will be honest with you, they were offensive.

Very offensive.

And these people that said these things:

They ruined blogging for me.

I am uninspired, and have absolutely no motivation to post.

If people keep leaving offensive comments, I will turn commenting off.

It's simple.

I have already disabled "anonymous comments."

And, no, I am not overreacting.

I had big dreams for this blog.

Now, I am temped to push that "delete" button at the top of the settings page.

How long will I be gone?

I don't know... maybe a month.

A week.

A day.

Who knows?

I am all of these things... because of drama.

Drama that was unneeded.

So, I am leaving.

I am also leaving because I need to focus more on my schoolwork.

Hopefully, I will be back soon, because I am looking upon the positive.



Sheri said...

Aww I hate to see you leave! Try not to let stupid people ruin Blogging for you. They are idiots with no life, really why take anything they say to heart?

Sarah :) said...

Those people are jerks. Don't listen to them. They're stupid, and are just out there to hurt you. There is absolutely no reason to let them get to you.
We want you back, honey. Come back to us soon.

Kelly said...

You've just reached out to people you haven't met and even CJane to look at your blog. But I won't beg, do what feels right.

Alphie said...

I would really love for you to continue your blog. It's very unique and I enjoy taking my time to read it.

Don't let a bunch of pricks spoil your dream for you! Forget what they said and keep trudging on!

I'm sure you have more people that love your blog than dislike it for god knows what reason anyways.

Dreams are hard to create most of the time and even harder to hold onto. This is just a small hiccup in the dream is all.

Keep positive, smile, and living your blogging dream my friend. I'm sure you'll really be glad you did in the end.


dbananad said...

Don't leave. Your the one who inspired me to start blogging and it would be awful for you to quit. Your the only thing keeping me from stopping.

Those people who have harsh comments are stupid jerks who hate their own work so they make fun of others.

Don't quit. Tears

marianna. said...

i am sorry that people are so pigheaded that they don't appreciate how everyone works.
your blog is a journal for your mind, and i don't blame you for being mad. they shouldn't judge a person from the few words they read on a page. it's stupid of them. but i like your blog! so don't stop blogging :D
-marianna (: