April 14, 2009

If I Had A Bleach Blonde Sister...

{Picture from Kelly's Flickr Photostream.}

Dear Kelly,

If I had a bleach blonde sister, it would be you.

We are married already, can we adopt each other too?

{Is that even legal, to be sisters and to get married?}

If we were sisters, we could move into the same room.

We could go to bed late at night.

We could gossip and swoon over boys.

I wouldn't even yell at you to get of of my computer, which I do with everyone else in my family.

Instead of Instant Messaging each other, we could yell across the house.

We could steal each other's blog ideas and take pictures for each other, instead of having our moms or dads do that for us.

It would be nice to be your sister.

I mean, we have each other marked as Family on Flickr, so could we just call each other sisters?

Yes, yes we can.

Kelly, we are now sisters.



Kelly said...

That's what I'm going to say from now on in your comments. It means Love it Love it Love it! So should it be LiLiLi or LILILI? Hmm too long.

Sister Tee Tee. I love it. Love you too.
Thanks for blogging about me. ;-)

I've remebered to take care of my Friend ship bread, or should it be sister bread?

TeeTee said...

We should definitely make it sister bread:).

I love you too bleach blonde sister:).

McGlone Bunch said...

Okay, I am already Kelly's MomII so wouldn't that automatically make her you sister ??? you two are funny little Sisters...I am so glad you have found one another :)
XOXO M and MomII