April 16, 2009

A Life Changing Talk

Two years ago, almost to the day, my parents sat my sister and I down for a "talk". I wouldn't realize how life changing this "talk" would be until I was pondering on it a month later, when we had started to go to a new church.

I was young, and I had had lots and lots of faith. I mean, how could you not, you were little and that was the only religion you knew since, well, forever.

I had loved going to church. I loved seeing all of the people, saying hello to them, listening to the talks given by different members of the church, and I loved the sense of family there. I had always wanted a big family, and going to church there, I finally felt like I had a bigger family.

When I was eight years old, I got baptized, and as I said here, it was one of the best days of my life. I finally felt accepted into something other than my family.

Everything was wonderful for a couple of years. We went to church every Sunday, there were no struggles. Everybody loved going to the church that we went to.

But, a few years later, I could see that they (my parents) were struggling. Half of the time, my grandmother, Diane, would take us to church and our parents would stay home. My sister and I were struggling also. We never wanted to go to church, and we dreaded Sundays.

So, it was no surprise a couple months later, that my parents made the decision to leave the church.

They sat us down in the living room, and said that we would be going to my Aunt's Catholic church starting next month.

Boy, oh boy, I cried a lot.

But, I knew that my parents were doing this for a reason.

(I would later find out what exactly that reason was.)

The answer to why we decided to leave the church is that there were holes in the religion, like there are with practically any religion out there.

I am not sad to have left the Mormon church, because it has made me the person that you see today. Leaving the church has made me a stronger person, and it has helped shape my attitude and outlook on things, all for the better.

This milestone has brought a tremendous leap of faith that I was not ready to take, but I was forced to take it anyway.

I am glad we changed churches, because if we had not, I had still been brainwashed by one religion. Now, my mind is open to other options, and I no longer believe everything that religion says.

I have "jumped over a log."

I have reached a milestone.

All through one talk.

Seen this?
Been here lately?

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