April 27, 2009

Loving Her.

They had known each other for a long time. 
But, they had not become best friends until the seventh grade. 

She liked him. 
It would have been obvious,
but she hid it well. 

He was going out with a girl,
who was not pretty at all. 
Everyone knew that, 
and everyone knew the real reason he was going out with her. 
She had gone out with ten guys that year alone. 
And he wanted to be the eleventh guy.

He was beautiful, 
truly beautiful.

He was blonde, and
she had brunette hair. 
Their physical appearance 
was nothing like each other. 

In High School,
once he had finally gotten over that girl,
he asked her out. 

She said yes, 
and they went to the movies every Friday.

They had been each other's first kiss,
and each other's first love. 

They broke up when they were Seniors, 
but they remained close friends.

They both got accepted into the same college.

A year later, they found themselves
at that same college.

He majored in law, 
and she majored in photography. 

When they graduated, 
he asked her out on a date once again. 

She said yes, 
and they were going out once again. 

They both realized in the time that they were not going out,
and going out with other people,
how much they loved each other. 

Three years pass by,
and he asks her to be his wife.
She said yes.

Yet another year passes on by, 
and they get married. 

As they lay in bed, 
they reflect on the years that they shared together. 

They came to the conclusion that the years together had been:
and much more. 

And that,
they wouldn't trade for the world.

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