April 9, 2009

Mr. April-Rethought, Revised

Dear Mr. April,

We are finally here in 2009, and boy, I cannot wait until Easter rolls around. All of the pastel colors, the dresses, the ballet flats, the candy! I cannot wait.

Even though we are almost halfway through April, I thought that I would write you this letter.

I love the rain. 

Remember that little old saying- April showers bring May flowers?

Well, I want some May flowers this year.

And I want some sun.

So, I am asking you to bring your split-personality up to my doorstep. I can take it. I promise.

Here are some of my April to-do list listings:

  • Pull the edges of my mouth upward into what some people call a "smile."
  • Read People of the Book.
  • Keep responding to my emails as soon as I get them. {I will email you back Kelly, after I am done writing this.}
  • Keep being vegetarian.
  • Continue taking pictures for my Completely Gratuitous Posts.
  • Write more poems.
  • See the movie Knowing.
  • Drink more water.
If you are really observant {unlike me}, you may notice that all of these listings are self-indulgent. But that's okay, because April only rolls around once a year.



1.) You have one more day to ask your question here. If someone is dying to ask me a question, but cannot think of one, the following is something that I want to be asked so that I can share my answer, because, boy, is it funny.

"What is your favorite thing that one of your friends have said?"

2.)Happy April!

3.) It is supposed to rain {where I live} tomorrow!

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Kelly said...

Hooray! I'll get a Tee Tee mail.