April 15, 2009

Nordstrom-Playing Dress Up

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of going to Nordstrom. I went in search for the perfect outfit. 

I absolutely loved this shirt, but the sleeves were too weird for me.
I tried on skinny jeans.

I will never wear them again.

I loved this dress, but the bottom was see-through.
I loved this shirt too, but it made me look like I was pregnant {something that I am not} and it was itchy.

I came home with a skirt.

And a new shirt.



Kelly said...

Lucky Tee Tee. But Kelly Kelli is grumpy!

Do show pictures of the newness of your Nordstrom shirt and skirt.

I like your pictures you provided.

TeeTee said...

I will have pictures on Monday if the weather is nice enough.

Chelsea said...

Oh!! You have tried nice dresses!! I like your choice for skirt and shirt from Nordstrom!!

jenifer said...

Nice pics.! Its really a great experience to wear lots of beautiful dresses at Nordstrom. It seems that you had a great time there.