April 28, 2009

Off to Dreamland

As I lay in bed last night, I pondered on the day, much like I do every night. Yesterday had been one of the funniest days I have probably ever lived. I won't go into details, but if you were me, you would be typing this, too. I ponder on the good, the bad, and how I could make tomorrow even better

Last night, I pondered on nothing out of the ordinary. And, my dreams were not out of the ordinary, just colors and shapes that my brain couldn't grasp. 

A few nights ago, I had a dream I had a MySpace account. You all know MySpace, right? Well, I am forbidden to have one, and I had a dream I got got one. And, I was obsessed with checking it. Every time I check it though, I had to clear my web history, because I was not allowed to have one. I had a MySpace for two months in my dream, and then my parents sat me down for a "talk" and reviewed with me the family's "internet safety" rules. After this talk, I went on my computer and cleared all of the web history. At the end of the dream, they ended up finding out about my account and I got grounded. 

A few weeks ago, I watched Locked Up Abroad at 4pm the previous day. Later that night, I had a dream that two of my friends and I were very poor. A man came to us with a solution: smuggle cocaine into the U.S. from China. He said that it would be easy, so we agreed. The three of us set off to China to get this cocaine, and we were excited. He also mentioned that if we did well, we would get a bonus. Three days pass, and we are still in China. We tried to board the plane the next day, with the cocaine taped to our body. The police caught us, and we end up in jail. Seven years later, we get out of jail and we are reunited with our families. 

A few months ago, I liked this guy a lot. I would dream about him all of the time, too. One night, I had a dream that we were going out. He was at my house, and my father was coming home. He knew that we were dating, but he had no idea how serious we were. My "boyfriend" decided to hide under the table to try to hide from my dad. He is tall, very tall, so there was no way that this could work. But, he tried anyway. I pulled him out from under the table, called him silly, and told him that it was okay, my dad knew we were dating. I eventually persuaded him enough to stay next to my side. 

A few years ago, I had a dream that I was pregnant. I have always wanted to have children, but this came as a shock to me. I had gotten pregnant in High School and I gave the baby up for adoption. I ended up marrying the father of the baby, but since he didn't know (about the baby), we lived normal lives and I never got pregnant again. 

I have had scary dreams, insightful dreams, nice dreams, and dreamy-dreams. But, these have stood out. Have you had any dreams that you remember? Comment and let me know!


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N said...

I actually had a dream just a few nights ago that I was pregnant. What's weirder is that my boyfriend had a dream that I was pregnant and then had his kid like a few months ago. And last night, I had a dream that I was in a public library and my school librarian was mean and tried to tell me what section I could look in (even though in real life she is super nice) and I just decided to leave. Turned out that the library was in a shopping mall, where some guy decided to sit down with his guitar and play 90s music.

I can't help but answer when people leave questions at the bottoms of their blog posts. >_<

De Lly Dilettante said...

Hi TeeTee, I love your blog. It blows me away =D Keep up the good work!

Sarah :) said...

I have really sad dreams usually. So, we won't talk about them.
But last night I dreamed that I got a text from this guy and it was really funny. Which is kind of a pathetic thing to dream, but whatever. It made me happy. haha. :)

Kiera said...

I still remember a dream I had when I was a kid. I was maybe 8 or 9. I would dream that I was asleep in my bed and I would wake up. It felt like I wasn't dreaming anymore. The way I would check if it was a dream or not was that I would see if I could fly. I would literally will myself into flight. I would lift up of my bed and go and fly around in the parking lot behind our apartment. My friends were there too and we would all fly together.

I got so good at this dream that I could make myself have this dream and even though I didn't know what it was back then, I now know that I was lucid during these dreams. Maybe that's why I remember them so clearly even to this day.

I still wish I could have flying dreams. It was always so exhilarating. I think it's easier to dream about flying when you're a kid. What do you think?

23subirangelope said...

I had a dream Thursday night about my best friend Ryan and I getting back together again...it's been almost half a year since we last talked. And we live in the same small city.

Well...I saw him that day, the day I had the dream and I didn't realize he had such a big impact on my psych. Anyways...we were on a plane and the flight attendant was handing out squirt guns and Ryan and his friend Jordan were a couple rows behind me on the other side of the aisle and although at this point we had not made up I decided to be playful and squirt him and see if he would join in.

So I do and he does and then before I know it we are in a store, like target or wal-mart and we are still in "tag" mode running around with all the people wondering what the hell is going on. And when we got too tired to continue I wasn't sure if we would talk or just go our separate ways...I was nervous and just so happy to have shared that experience with him that I wouldn't have asked for anything more.

Turns out he did talk to me and as I was about to leave he asked if I wanted to join him in another "tag" game with a bunch of other people somewhere on campus.My heart leapt and I said yes, with a smile. :) I woke up Friday morning so relieved and enlightened and then upset and distraught that it was only a dream. I hate dreaming sometimes...

I saw him, Ryan in real life Saturday and felt this sense of megnetism still...like he was just waiting for me to speak to him.

We made up last night at 12:40am, because I decided to call him and give it a shot. We hugged, cried, and talked for 5 hours catching up and solving all our issues.

I couldn't have dreamt a better scenario.

Sometimes life is dream-worthy. He is still my best friend.

TeeTee said...

Thank you all for sharing your dreams with me!