April 10, 2009

Questions, Anyone-Answers

Your answers are finally here. I do have to say, all of those questions were driving me crazy. Normally, when someone asks me a question on a post, I respond as soon as possible, but I could not.

A post would be saved for that.

Here are the answers that you all have been waiting for....

Q: From Kelly-
"What is your favorite color?"

That is a hard one. I have to say either red or blue. I also like the colors in the banner for this blog... I love the red/purple color.

Q: From Sushigirl4996-
"What is your quest?"

When I asked her what she meant for this post, she asked me if I had seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and I had not. She said never mind, but I am going to answer it anyway.

I am currently unsure of my quest in life. Of course I have life goals, but I am really confused and unsure of my purpose here on Earth.

"What kind of camera do you use?"

I use two different types of cameras. The first one that I normally use, because it is very quick and easy to use, is a Fujifilm FinePix 2800 Zoom, more details can be seen here. The other camera, takes much, much nicer pictures, and is the "family" camera. It is a Olympus Evolt E-500, more details can be seen here. I absolutely love, love, love this camera, and it takes excellent pictures. I took this picture with it and it is one of the best pictures I have taken with it so far. I call it the Paparazzi camera, because it makes the sound of cameras like the paparazzi use.

Q: Kelly-
"What is your favorite thing that one of your friends have said?"

I knew someone would say this! My favorite saying is......

"I have to go pee! Oh well, maybe I'll run the mile faster!"

This was said right before we were going to run the mile in PE. It was said by one of the funniest {and most random} guys I have ever met, and boy, am I lucky to have him in my PE class!

Another one of my favorites is: "I love you." This has been said many times {not by the guy} to me, and I do not take it for granted.

I hope this post answered some questions. If you have anymore, just comment and I will answer them.



Kelly said...

:P I love the whole idea of asking questions. And I love you ;-).

Sarah :) said...

Oh my goodness.
I cannot believe you haven't seen Monty Python.
Best. Movie. Ever.

Kelly said...

I will fling boogers in your general direction. (also from The Holy Grail)

Hope your thumb feels better.

TeeTee said...

Kelly, now you are scaring me.

I love you too.

My thumb feels a lot better, I can type again!

Kelly said...

Whoops, didn't mean to scare you! Apoligez