April 18, 2009

A Scent of Her Own

It smelled bad in perfume bottles.
When she bought it, 
he didn't like it, 
but he didn't say anything.

She could pull it off.

Fifteen years pass by,
and she had grandchildren 
of her own.

Her oldest granddaughter,
who was fourteen,
asked her what perfume she wore.

She gladly showed her granddaughter 
the bottle, 
and her granddaughter put some of it on.

Her granddaughter smelled horrible.

Her granddaughter turned to her and said,
"Grandma, only you could pull this perfume off.
I smell horrible."

That was true. 
Only she could pull it off.

It was a scent of her own.

Nobody could pull it off.


Seen this?
Been here lately?
Read this?
Chewed this gum?


Rose said...

Nice Blog
I like those shoes too. Check out "shoes" on Gma's blog. You will find the link on my family blogs...

McGlone Bunch said...

I looooove love looooove this post!!!! It makes me cry...a good cry but a cry non the less.
Keep it up....My Brown Eyed Girl :)