April 26, 2009

TeeTee Runs For Secretary.


I wish I had worn my pink skirt. 

I ran for School Secretary on Friday. 

I was the only one running, but I had to give a speech anyway.

And, guess what?

I was the first person to give it. 

I was introduced, and people clapped and some even screamed.

Including my mother. 

She said, "I love you."

She actually screamed it. 

I found this out because one of my friends who ran for President told me this when we were getting our things from a dressing room. 

I tune everything out when I give speeches, which has been twice.

(I ran for ASB treasurer last year, and I won.)

Anyone want to hear my speech?

Here it goes:

Good morning, my name is TeeTee and I am running for the ASB office of Secretary. If I get elected... well, I hope I get elected.. since there is no one running against me. As I was saying, if I get elected, I will make sure that all business meetings are ran correctly and I will take detailed notes of all meetings in the Leadership class. So vote for TeeTee for Secretary... because there really is one choice. 

Now, I didn't really say TeeTee, but I wish I did. 

I really regret not wearing my pink skirt. But, I didn't want to wear it twice in one week. 

I should have anyway. 

You can steal this speech and give it at your school, too. 

Just so it is typed officially, I won the position if ASB Secretary. 


Been here lately?
Got addicted to this yet?
Created a web strategy?
Envied her for her pictures yet?
I need to order some prints from her.


Kelly said...

Don't regret anything Tee Tee, You won!


kle said...

Fantastic. Well done! :)

James, Tamara, and Andrew said...

WOO-HOO! Good job, and congratulations!