April 3, 2009

TeeTee's Going Camping

My Beloveds,

I am going camping.

Yes, you read that correctly, I am camping.

Me, one of the most materialistic people in my Girl Scout troop is camping. 

All I have to say is thank goodness that there are showers!

While I am camping, comments will go unmoderated {you can still comment, if you wish}, I will not be posting, and I will not be reading any other blogs.

By the end of the camping trip, I think that I will thank God that he decided to create boys. {Because it is a Girl Scout camp full of girls.}

I will not be complaining at all during the camping trip. At all. When the troop all went to San Francisco, I was the only person out of fifteen people that did not complain!

I am going to have loads and loads of fun and enjoy whatever might come. 

I am going to be the spiciest person there, as well. No more shy TeeTee!

Hopefully on Monday {it depends what I got on my latest math test}, I will have loads and loads of new pictures for you!

So this weekend I will not be posting, I will be camping in the cold weather. It is raining right now {where I live} and I am just dying to know how cold it is up where we will be camping.