May 23, 2009

A Day as a Bird

 One day, I, TeeTee, woke up a bird. I got out of bed (more like flew) and I looked down to the floor. I was blue! I had feathers! I closed my eyes, shook my head, and opened my eyes again. I looked down, and I was still a bird! I thought that I better start flying somewhere, because I would not want to freak my mom out. I tried to fly out of my window, but it was closed. I flew to my door, but that was closed, too. I decided to sit down, and think this situation out.

        After I thought for a while, my mom decided to check on me. It was ten o'clock in the morning, and she still thought that I was sleeping. I never slept that late, even on the weekends. I saw this as a wonderful opportunity, and I quickly flew out of my room. I thought that I would fall or something, because when I run, I tend to fall. I spread my winds far and wide, and I flew into the world.

        I found a flock of birds gathered in a local park, and I joined them. It turned out that they were my best friends from school, and they were all birds, too! I was so delighted that I knew at least ten other birds in this world. We were all birds, and we were all in this together. After I had talked to them for about an hour, I set off to explore some more. I found another group of birds that looked pretty nice, and they were flying north, somewhere I had always wanted to go. I made the decision to join them.

        While I was flying with this group of birds, all who were very nice and welcoming, this strange bird who called herself the "Magnificent Fortune Teller of Birds" flew to me and told me some very shocking news. "Hello, TeeTee. I am pleased to see that you have adjusted fairly well in our community. I hate to rain on your parade, but..." she said.

        "But what?" I asked her.

        "Well, you see, this curse has been placed upon you by your evil science teacher, Mr. McClure. He called it an experiment, of some sort. You have two choices. One, is that you keep flying north, lead a dull life, and stay a bird forever. Or, you have one other option. You can start flying back towards your house, and live your bird life to the fullest. It is all up to you." she replied to me.

        I thought about what she said for a couple of minutes. One part of my mind thought that she was crazy, and the other part thought that what she said might just be true. I mean, if you took the time to think about it, what she was saying could totally be true. All of my friends and I have the same science teacher at school, and he could have tried the experiment on all of us to see if it really worked. I think I actually believed this "fortune teller" bird.

        I then took the chance and flew into the world again. I said hello to every bird that I saw, and when I finally got close to home, I found some of my school friends again. I saw what looked like a male bird high in the trees and I asked him a question. "Do you want to get married?"

        "Do I even know you?" he asked me.

        "Well sure, we have to go to school together," I told him. What I said was true too, he looked exactly like the guy that I was in love with, and he went to my school. We even had the same science teacher!

        "Sure then, let's do this," he told me, ad I was so happy, I was so sure that it was him. No, I was positive that that bird, the one that I was about to marry, was the same person that I had been crushing on since the fifth grade. And, I was about to marry him!

        We flew to Las Vegas (cheesy, I know). But, since we only had one day, and we were both birds, we were pretty limited. We went to the only chapel that is weird enough to marry animals. We said our vows, and then we kissed. The wedding was beautiful, even for two birds that decided to married at the last minute. As we flew off (into the sunset, just kidding), we met some more people and I screamed in my best bird-tweet, "I got married!"

        I turned to my new husband, and asked him a bunch of questions. "Do you want to fly into some store like Target? Do you want to see a movie, we could sneak in? Do you want to go to a party? Ooh, I know somewhere that we could go."

        "I will follow you where ever you want to go," he simply replied.

        If this was any other day, I would be swooning over his comment. But, I wanted to go to a party! We decided to go to Lauren's house, where we knew that there would be a party. Anyone needs to know just two things about Lauren: she is very, very mean, and she is always throwing a party.

        While we were flying to Lauren's house, I asked him if he minded telling me his name, and if he went to TeeTee's School. He told me that his name was Carter Newbury, and that yes, he did go to TeeTee's School. He also included that he knew who I was. I asked him to say my name, because I like the way he says my name.

        He said,"Your name is TeeTee, and I have wanted to date you for two years now. And today, I get to call you my wife."

        He liked me! He liked me! I was amazed and really, really happy at the same time.

        We went to Lauren's house, and amazingly enough, there was a party there! I wanted to crash her party. Carter had other things on his mind, like plotting how to get in there. I told him that we were in this together, and I felt like the characters from High School Musical. Finally, someone opened the door, and we flew right in. No one knew better. When we found Lauren, I had to use the restroom, really badly. I mean, really, really badly. And since birds are not normally in houses, they don't know how to use a toilet! So, I decided to use the restroom right on top of Lauren's head.

        She screamed, and tried to swat at us like we were flies. Well, that's what she got for being mean to me all of these years. And, I had one heck of a story to tell my friends when I was (hopefully) changed back into a human.

        We left when we had crashed the party and tortured Lauren enough.

        It was almost ten o'clock at night, so we flew to my house and we said goodbye to each other. He promised me that he would see me tomorrow, whether or not he was a bird or a human. I got in bed and replayed today's events. Today was wonderful, and I wish that I could relive it. I told myself that if I was human tomorrow, I would write the whole day down.

        Before I knew it, I was asleep. In the middle of the night, I heard my mom come into check on me, like she does every night. She put my small dog in my bed, too. I wondered if I was human or not, but I was too tired to check. Besides, she kissed my cheek, so I knew that I had to be human.I went back to sleep, and I had the weirdest dream.

        I had a dream that I was a bird, and some weird fortune teller bird told me that I only had one day to live, or I would stay a bird forever. In part of living to the fullest, I married my crush, Carter. I used the restroom on Lauren's head, and we both crashed her party. I then flew back home, and went to sleep.

        I woke up with a start. I swear, some days I just loathe that alarm clock. I had the weirdest dream, and I was going to push that aside, and fly to Carter's house. Maybe we could crash some more parties.. that was fun.

        I swung my wings... wait a minute... I had legs! And feet! And arms, I had two arms and I had ten fingers. I tried to talk, and actual words came out, not a bunch of "Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet" all while I was talking. I got in the shower, since the rest of my  family was still asleep. I had some breakfast, and when the rest of my family still was not awake, I got their lazy bottoms out of bed. I asked them if we could all sit in the living room, because there was something that I wanted to tell them. I told them my story, leaving out some parts, mainly the ones that had to do with Carter and crashing parties. If I told my dad these parts, well, I would be killed, and so would Carter. My mom seemed to believe my story, even though it was a little weird. I told them about Mr. McClure's part in this, and we all agreed to talk to him later that day. We agreed to ask him what was going on, and what he planned to do with the results of the experiment.

        As I drove with my dad to school, I couldn't wait to see all of my friends. I wonder what Carter would do? Would all of my friends be there? Would they be human? All I knew, is that I would have some stories to tell them!

How did you like it?
What were some of your favorite parts?
What parts didn't you like?


Kelly said...

I loved this story! It make so much sense and is easy to read.

C L A i R E...♥ said...

lol, loved the story!

I like that song 2.

Cajun said...

Me buka buka! Story long. Me not lik reed 2 muche. buka buka go now.

Jessica♥ said...

it was good!