May 13, 2009

Here's to Happiness

When I found this post that had to do with happiness and lists, I knew I had to join along on the fun and recite my list of things that make me very happy. 

TeeTee's List of Things that make her terribly happy:
  1. Inside jokes that never get old.
  2. Black and white pictures.
  3. Showering.
  4. Taking pictures. 
  5. Reading a book over and over.
  6. The smell of fresh sheets.
  7. Sitting in bed listening to the rain.
  8. Petting puppies.
  9. Flowers.
  10. Dresses and pink skirts.
I have an idea. 

If you would like to have your list of ten things that make you happy be recited here on this blog, comment on this post with your top ten things, and I will post them here sometime within the nest week. Make sure to check this blog daily... you might just see your list appear!

Who wants to join along on the fun?


Post-Edit: After the many submissions I received {maybe not to you, but to me, the many}, I have decided to put this on hold for a couple of months. Please don't be disappointed, but another reason why I put it off is because I took this idea from another blog, and people tend to get upset that you borrow their ideas. I do not want to upset the writer of this blog, the one who I took the {lovely} idea from. Thank you for understanding.


Happy in the Hamptons said...

My top ten:

1. The smell of books
2. Writing in pretty journals
3. drinking lots of water
4. taking pictures
5. singing at the top of my lungs
6. running up hills
7. pink (the color)
8. having long conversations with my mom
9. blogging
10. Acting in plays

Alphie said...

Ten Things That Make Alphie Happy

1. My friends and family
2. Music
3. Laughter and smiles
4. Smiley faces and peace signs
5. Being in high up places alone to think (tree, roof of my house)
6. Beautiful background pictures
7. Doing those crazy/stupid things with my friends that could get us arrested (ex: playing tennis with a flaming tennis ball in the park)and knowing that if were did get arrested, we'd stick together till the end
8. The flickering flames in the fireplace
9. Falling snow
10. Doodles

Heh...mine's kinda longish...forgive me I like to ramble. =p

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

These are in no particular order...

1. My son and husband, the lights
of my life
2. Floating in the water
3. Feeling pretty
4. Accomplishment
5. Memories of my childhood and
(although they make me sad too)
6. Curling up with a great book
and ignoring everything else
7. Health & happiness of loved
8. Music--specific artists, or
just songs that touch me
9. Anticipation
10. Traditions

林方文 said...

halo~ This is a message the Chinese people in

my to ten
1.The completion of a novel
2.Falling in love with a person many many many books
4.Become a major writer
5.Know you and become friends

ha,i'am so sorry.
I am poor in English, using the google translation. Therefore, a large number of grammar wrong, please forgive

Very old-fashioned to say :nice to meet u

林方文 said...

1.The completion of a novel
2.To get to know you
3.Become a writer
4.Buy a lot lot lot lot of books
5.No other
Hello, I am from China (林方文),no English name. English is used google translation. So please forgive the grammar is not very old-fashioned to say: I am glad to know you

Kelly said...

1. Getting/Writing letters
2. Showering
4.Marking another day off of my Shoe calendar, but sometimes it's sad
5. Frisky Friday!
6. Going to bed with wet hair
7. Hearing 'Good Morning' as the first thing to wake me up.
8. Smiling
9. Hearts
10. Finishing Homework!

I like this post very much, I might just use it!

katie diana said...

i love rockstar diaries. and i love love love happy lists :)