May 17, 2009

I Don't Want to Go to School.

I do not want to go to school tomorrow.

I don't. 

I am so tired, can I just ditch?

Right, like TeeTee would ever think of ditching. 

Anyway, I really want this cardigan that Nie is wearing. 

I want it bad. 

I have no clue what I am going to wear to school tomorrow. 

That's just more proof that I should ditch. 

We have to write an essay about a day as a bird. 

When I am a bird in that story, I am going to be married. 

And have a child. 

With my bird husband.

Sound like a plan?

I am going to regret this essay, I can feel it. 


*And by the way, I wouldn't really ditch.

Just sometimes I get ahead of myself.


Kelly said...

Wear your signature Blue Dress, you haven't worn it forever.

TeeTee said...

I love your new picture:).

I wore it on Saturday, to the Tea Party.

And the white shirt is dirty.

I am thinking Maya Shirt?

Pink skirt?

Kelly said...

No, how about your tan skirt with blue birds on it, the one I like a lot.

TeeTee said...

Maybe.. you'll have to see;)

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Good for you for NOT ditching. Back in the day, I SO would have (and did, lol). My old, adult, teacher self disapproves of skipping. ;-)

Sarah :) said...

Sounds like a good essay, maybe you should post it on here so we can read it?


TeeTee said...

Tamara- Yep, I didn't ditch, I am too scared of my mother:). My dad used to ditch High School every Friday. I'm glad his habits didn't rub off on me:).

Sarah:)- Once I get it back, I will definitely post it.

McGlone Bunch said...

Oh yeah you should be scared of your Mother she is "Cary" (inside joke) I hear...of course I would not know :)

Cajun said...

I bet your dad would let you ditch.