May 14, 2009

I Like the Way You Say My Name: A Photo Essay

I like it when I spend a Saturday with a six year old and we build a fort together. Last Saturday, I had so much fun, I felt like a child again. This Saturday, I will be attending a Tea Party.
I like the way he says my name, I can pick his voice out of a crowd. I love the way it rolls off of his tongue effortlessly.
I love it when I run and get the mail, and there is a card from my sister Kelly in the pile. When I was a little girl, I would sit outside our house and wait for the mailman to come. I still do.
My sister told me yesterday that she thought I was beautiful.

I turned to her and asked her if that's what she really thought, and she said yes. 
I love it when Saturday rolls around. The day marks the start of the weekend, and something is always going on at our house on Saturdays. I talk about Saturdays a lot, do I?
I love it when I get to take pictures of my sister. We pretend that we are big-shot photographers, and we shoot hundreds of pictures at a time.
I love it when I think of crazy new ideas for pictures, and then put them into action. When I took this picture, I made the mistake of looking down.
I love this picture. It looks like I am the crazy bride dressed in black. It looks even better on a black background that can be viewed here

But, most of all, I like it when you say my name.


Kelly said...

Tee Tee!
I love this Blog.

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Your photos make me smile--I love the perspective, the effects, etc...

De Lly Dilettante said...

Love the photos. And the simple honesty :)

Sara said...

These photos are amazing!


kle said...

what a lovely post :)

Laila Of Course! (and Banana) said...

Beautiful, beautiful post! Love your blog. Will most definitely be following. <3


Uniquely Made said...

Love this post ! Simply said. Great Photos. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to come see who TeeTee was =) Glad I did !