May 23, 2009

I Want Some Of These.

Dear Whoever might be reading this at this hour (1:24am),

I want some leg warmers. 

Really bad. 

I mean, really very badly.

Even though it is almost Summertime, I am going to go over to Target (which is where I got this picture from, too) and buy myself some leg warmers.

I like these leg warmers a lot. 

And I want them.

To wear in October, of course.



abhi said...

October4 more months to go,Here we are not using leg warmers,but they look nice

Elizabeth J. said...

I love the vibrant colors but I kind of think they look more like high socks. Anyway, they're cute.

P.S. I'm new to your blog but feel free to visit my blog.

Tobye said...

Very cute! But not too summery. Get them anyway though. They'll keep.

Lee said...

I have some striped leg warmers that I never wear.
We should really bring them back into style.

Nikki said...

i want some too! i could use them for my figure skating lessons, because it's getting WAY too warm where i live right now...