May 25, 2009

In All Honesty

Beware, this post contains TeeTee-- in all honesty. Don't worry, there will be no inappropriate words or content, I like to keep it G-Rated.
I don't like to talk about holidays on my blog. I love holidays, but I just don't like talking about them, here for you all to see. And, everyone, I mean everyone... well, almost everyone, is talking about Memorial Day. And, I don't want to be everyone.

But, here I am, typing away, at what seems to be another post about holidays.

Here is what I did today: I woke up, checked my email, read a book, got sick, got in the shower, did my much dreaded math homework, read, and now I am blogging.

Pretty darn interesting, I told you. And, none of it was Memorial Day related.

But see, what I really should be talking about is my tan-line on my feet in that picture, and my Photoshopping didn't really help to hide it.

{Now, take the time to scroll up and see, for once and for all, TeeTee's tan line.}

See, it really is there, in all of it's ugliness.

I told you.

And then, if I was really truly honest, I would tell you that I have had a {new} blog for almost a week, but I have not told you about it. 

If I was honest, I would tell you how I actually got angry this morning, and that it was kind of very stupid of me.

But, I am not honest all of the time. 

I am honest some of the time. 

And that is not good enough for me. 

My new resolution is to be honest.

All of the time.


Kelly said...

Sometimes the Truth is hard to Handle.

sushigirl4996 said...

It's not as bad as our leadership teacher's tan line. I'm being honest there.

What's that pink stuff on your feet? You didn't paint them again did you? :)

Carrie said...

A wonderful resolution, Teetee.

Lee said...

I can be honest some of the time, but that's the best you'll get out of me.

And how in the world do you get a tanline like that?

Jessica♥ said...

I always get wierd/awkward tan lines. haha. not many people pay attention to feet though so you're lucky. my friend got a a horrible burn that only is on one side of her because that's the side that was facing the sun. I still think that's a little bit funny. i'm cruel. my other friend Bri got a horrible softball tan line where it's only on her knees because she has shorts and tall socks on. haha. tan lines are funny. =D as for the honesty thing..
I'm pretty honest. actually I'm always honest. that's odd. hmmmm.

TeeTee said...

Lee: I wear the same ballet flat shoes (if you search "red shoes" on this blog, a picture should come up), and since I am always in the sun, with it being California and all, BAM! a tan-line happened.

It's very weird.

Oh, and I have those red shoes in four colors, so that is why I wear them all the time.