May 21, 2009

Katie Kirkpatrick--Rethought, Revised

I recently received a forwarded email. To be blunt, I hate forwards. I love getting emails, but just not the forwards.  

But, the minute I opened this email, a wave of emotion hit me. It started with these exact words:

Her name is Katie Kirkpatrick, 21 years old. Next to her is fiancee Nick, 23. She has terminal cancer and spends hours in chemotherapy. 

As I read those words, I started to cry. 
Katie planned every detail of the wedding, even with her organs shutting down. 

Her wedding dress had to be adjusted several times, due to weight loss. 

Her oxygen tube was an unexpected guest at the wedding. 

Five days after marrying her High School sweetheart, she passed away. 

Life is too short not to be enjoyed. 

And Katie is a reminder of that.


{Image credit: Snopes.}

Post-Edit: When I got this email, I immediately looked it up on Snopes, where the story was found to be true. More details can be seen here


Sarah :) said...

What a woman. Having cancer, getting married with a nose cannula... She was something else.
But what a man! Agreeing to marry a woman he knows it going to die. To go through the pain and heartache and loss... He is something else.

De Lly Dilettante said...

I received the same email once. Was touched by it. That's true love. By the way, love your new header picture :)

Lee said...

That is so sad...
But really, living life as best you can no matter the circumstances is important.
She looked beautiful, even with her illness. And what a brave guy, marrying a dying woman.
That would be heartbreaking.

marianna!? said...

that is so sad...
and it's ironic because i am just about to post a blog entry about not wasting life away, too.