May 18, 2009

Questions and Answers: I Ask, You Answer

I have some things to ask all of you.

Here's how it will go:

I will ask some questions, and you will comment on this post and answer them!

What, you want to hear my answers, too?

I will have those for you later, like at the end of this post, later.

Here are your questions:

1. Do you moderate comments on your blog, and if you do, what made you start?

2. Do you Photoshop/edit any of your pictures, or are they all raw?

3. What is your favorite band or favorite singer?

4. Dogs or cats?

5. How many blogs do you have?

6. Are the Jonas Brothers really brothers?

7. What is your favorite t.v. show?

8. How many blogs do you follow using Google Friend Connect, if any?

9. And, lastly, Target or Walmart?*

* This is an ongoing debate at our house. 

I am on the Target side.

My Answers:

1. I do moderate comments, I hope you all might have noticed by now. What made me start... boy, is this a long story. In July of 2008, I began to after people that I didn't even know started to leave hateful comments. I stopped in October of 2008, and began a couple of months ago again, after I received a comment that was unneeded. I would rather moderate comments, and have a sense of security on my blog, than let people do whatever they want... and get away with it. Do I like it.. sure. Do I hate it... not really. 

2. Most of my pictures are raw. I do not brighten them, but I do "soft focus" on one area sometimes, and I put them in black and white. That is all I do, people.

3. My favorite singer right now has to be Ingrid Michaelson... I am listening to her on Pandora right now, and I am seriously considering just buying her whole CD on iTunes as we speak.

4. Dogs. I have one sitting on my lap as I type this. (I have a low-tolerance for cats, sorry.)

5. I have three blogs. The first is this one, my real blog, as I like to call it. The second is a book blog that I created, and named Book Worms Unite. I recently gave it a make-over, too! The third is a blog that I guest blog on.

6. Yes, I think they are, even though my science teacher begs to differ. 

7. I rarely watch television anymore. But, my favorite show has to be Grey's Anatomy. I am in love with that show.. it's awesome. {By the way, did anyone watch the Season Finale? Was I the only one that cried my eyes out?}

8. I am currently following 47 blogs. 

9. Target, all the way baby. 

Are you going to flood me with answers?

I hope so!



Sarah :) said...

1) I do not. Leave whatever.
2) I do edit some, but not to post on my blog. I edit them to make the background on my computer, or to rid them of icky red eye. When I do edit them, I usually give them a little less contrast and warm the colors, because I like the yellowing effect. I'm a freak.
3)My favorite band is Relient K. They're pretty cool, you might actually like them. Check it.
4)Well, I have a dog. But I only like puppies/little dogs, big dogs scare me. And I like cats. So, kind of both?
5)I only have one, the one you follow. (For others reading this, it's Check it.)
6) Is there controversy about this? I think they are, yes.
7)HOUSE. Love that show! :D
8) I follow 11 blogs using the Google Friend Connect, and a couple others.
9) Walmart, but that's only because it's closer to my house.

Enjoy. :D

Sarah :) said...

2) This question really made me thing. I went through on Flickr and any picture that I have edited is now noted in it's description. :)

Alphie said...

1) I don't, I've had no reason too.

2)Don't have photoshop, don't know how to use it

3) Adam Young from Owl City seems to be my favorite, although I do like Red Hot Chili Peppers as well =)

4)I'm pretty indifferent, but I guess I can say cats, for I also in fact have one on my lap right now =p

5)I have 3 blogs I use, Laughing Under The Sun which is personal, Group Therapy which is a group blog my friends and I use, and Valley Voyages which is for a class at my school and is also a group blog. Then there is a 4th one I just use to test background so I don't screw up mine. =p

6)Don't really like the Jonas Brothers, so I can't really say.

7)I don't watch much TV, I'll watch CSI New York or Vegas when it's no. Although I watch Bones regularly.

8) 12 blogs

9) Although Wal Mart is slowly turning into a monopoly...Wal Mart, I guess it's just out of habit


Sara said...

1. No, because I'm too lazy to.

2. They're raw because I can't edit for my life.

3. I like Pink, but I'm a Broadway girl at heart. Phantom of the Opera and Grease for life!

4. Dogs.

5. One. It's enough to keep me busy!

6. They are. Unless... never mind.

7. That '70s Show. All the way.

8. Two or three. I forget.


KJZW said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, and I am glad you like the red hair :) and ooh how I love questionnaires

1. I don't moderate. I am a young blogger, so I have few comments... hahah
2. I edit some of my pictures, but most are raw. By edit, I mean contrast, black and white, no photoshop
3. such a difficult question... today I was jammin some old school Beyonce that totally made me fav band is The Used
4. Cats... they have a whole other world of their own, plus I own the worldest greatest cat.... seriously
5. just 1
6. Jonas brothers?? I know they sing but other than that.....
7. also an insanely difficult question probably a tie between Criminal Minds (Shemar come on... my heart started beating) and United States of Tara
8. I follow at least 25 blogs daily
9. Target for any non grocery items

Lee said...

I always follow blogs in return, so here I am!

1. Do you moderate comments on your blog, and if you do, what made you start?

No, I don't. But if I get a slew of hateful comments, I will.

2. Do you Photoshop/edit any of your pictures, or are they all raw?

The majority of pics on my blog are raw, but I am a photographer, so I do edit some pictures.

3. What is your favorite band or favorite singer?

Iron and Wine

4. Dogs or cats?


5. How many blogs do you have?

Just one

6. Are the Jonas Brothers really brothers?


7. What is your favorite t.v. show?

Hmm.... not sure actually. I have a few. I like sitcoms, and House.

8. How many blogs do you follow using Google Friend Connect, if any?

30 or so? I only follow people that comment my blog.

9. And, lastly, Target or Walmart?*

Walmart! But target for clothing.

marianna!? said...

1. no, not many follow my blog anyway. it started out just to let my mind go.
2. nope. totally raw man.
3. i have a few favorite bands, like taking back sunday, rhcp, simon&garfunkel, dashboard confessional...but i can never choose a favorite. i am in love with Ingrid, as well though. (:
4. i can't choose that either, hah.
5. two, my blog and one needed for school.
6. yes. do i like them? not at all.
7. i don't really watch much television, but i would have to say that Seinfeld takes the cake.
8. a few.
9. target, of course.

Kelly said...

Ugh, I hate going in with everybody else answering your questions. bTW it's really a Poll I like to think.

1.Only one of my Blogs
2.Oonly some
3.Led Zeppelin
4.I've never owned a cat so this is an unfair question.
6.I don't care for them
8. um... 9

I answered shortly on purpose. Not the happiest person as of now.

De Lly Dilettante said...

1. I've got two blogs. I moderate comments on one, not the other because of the nature of the blogs. I'm afraid of weirdo spiteful comments...just see to many of those on you tube :)

2. Depends...some are raw, some are transformed, cut and pasted, together to make photo art.

3. I don't really have super favorites that I'm crazy about. But I like the Goo Goo Dolls.

4. My dad doesn't allow pets. But when I get my own house, I'm going to get a dog.

5. Two :)

6. I think so.

7. I like C.S.I NY

8. Eleven

C L A i R E...♥ said...

1. don't (he he).
2. I usually leave my pics raw, but sometimes it looks nice when you put them in black and white.
3. Don't have a favorite, but I personally love Paramore.
4. Dogs! I really want 2 get one...
5. 2 blogs, one I share with my bff.
6. Yeah, I think I do.. :)
7. I don't really watch T.V. a lot, I only watch it when the Simpsons and American Idol is on. (he he)
8. About...38...I guess.
9. TARGET TARGET TARGET, all the way!

Lol, enjoy the debate @ your house!


Sheri said...

1. I do but I've published everything that was sent so far.

2. I photoshop some of me because I think I need it lol.

3. Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani.

4. Dogs

5. 1

6. Yes, but I don't like them.

7. Just one? o.o Grey's Anatomy I guess...

8. Prob over 50

9. Target of course! :)

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

1. I don't moderate. I used to, but there was never anything bad, so I quit. Hope it stays that way.

2. I do edit, but not much--I crop and zoom, but that's about it.

3. RICK SPRINGFIELD :-) I have a ton of other bands that I love, but he's my man.

4. Cats!

5. I have 2 blogs--one is the one you follow, and the other is a Caring Bridge site for my stepmother that I'm the author of. I meant for her to take it over, but that hasn't happened.

6. Sure they are!

7. Criminal Minds

8. Ummm....about 15, I think.

9. I actually like Kmart better, but that wasn't an option. We shop at Walmart more, but just because it's closer. I never developed a "thing" for Target, but it was a latecomer to the area.

Carolyn said...

1. i moderate because i would not see comments that were left on older posts...this way i will be sure to read them all :)
2. i almost always spruce up my pictures with my basic mac tools. my camera kinda blows.
4. cleaning kid poop is enough for me
5. one blog, started out with two but couldn't keep up
6. for sure
7. 30 rock, LOST
8. about 40
9. Target is dangerous, i love it.

thanks for stopping by my blog, i've read several of your your honesty :)

have an amazing day!

sushigirl4996 said...

1. NO! Absolutley not. I think people should say what they want. freedom of speech. I do not take things to heart.

2. Raw.

3. thats really hard. i have so many.

4. dogs, but i do love cats.

5. 2. my own personal blog and the one with YOU!

6. ew, jb

7. I dont watch TV. I like movies

8. i follow 15 blogs

9. ????? i like them both.

AmyK said...

I randomly found your blog. Woot.

1. I moderate comments because... well, 'cause I want to know when someone has commented my blog. Even though you can get emails telling you about comments anyway... But that way I don't get drama on my blog without my permitting it ;)

2. I usually up the contrast and the brightness, and sometimes the color saturation on the pictures. Sometimes I post 'em raw, but usually I mess with 'em a little.

3. Kari Jobe at the moment.

4. Dogs--small ones.

5. 2: my main one and then a Christmas one.

6. If they aren't they should be, or they should pick a new name.

7. The Andy Griffith Show--I have seasons 1-5 and I watch 'em constantly.

8. Um.. I follow somewhere between 5 and 10 blogs. So not many.

9. Walmart. Target is a little more expensive and a lot further away. I can't make random unplanned stops at Target like I can with Walmart.

N said...

Heehee, fun stuff!

1. Yes. I like having a notification that I have new comments instead of needing to go look at my blog to find out. The moderation, for me, is mere convenience. Also privacy, as I had one comment saying "Don't post this" and it was about a screen name.

2. Occasionally I'll fix levels/brightness. I also like to play with effects sometimes, or just make random things (like my banner).

3. This is tough. Currently, I'm once again obsessed with The Academy Is..., which has been an ongoing thing for me.

4. Dogs! Cats in general tend to dislike me.

5. 3, not counting any old/unused ones. They are my regular blog, my "art" blog, and my French blog (I like to practice sometimes).

6. Don't know, don't care.

7. Another toughie... probably Good Eats.

8. 15, if I am counting correctly.

9. TARGET!!!! :] Especially Super Target!

ashley morgan said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!

1. I do. My blog is new and I've never had a negative comment yet, but I do it more so that I get an email and don't miss any comments.

2. I edit most pictures with very basic things like cropping and sharpening.

3. I could never choose a fave. I like a lot of different music.

4. Cats! As fun and snuggly, but lower maintenance.

5. one

6. Ick. At least those two are.

7. Currently, I don't know. I watch too many reality shows. Of all time, Gilmore Girls.

8. I check in on about 25 blogs daily.

9. I hate Walmart with a burning, seething passion. I think Target is delightful.

****Jezx**** said...

1. I don't really know what that is. lol I'm just getting started on blogger and yours is kind of like mine. =]

2. I haven't really put up any photos yet. I might, occasionally, my brother put a version of photoshop on here a while ago so possibly.

3. I lOVE Matchbox Twenty!! I also like jack johnson, it's kind of a tie. =D

4. Dogs all the way. I have a black lab named Sugar. She's the best.

5. One. maybe more if I get really interested in something. I'll probably make a dance one. One of these days...

6. Yeah.

7. How I Met Your Mother!! haha wicked funny show. but I watch so many of them it could also be So You Think You Can Dance? or Gossip Girl

8. I haven't followed any using google friend connect. I just fell upon this one by clicking "next blog" over and over again.

9. definitly wal mart I live right down the street from it. =]

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

1. No. {That could change one day}
2. Yes, Picnik. Not all. Many.
3. Saving Chance {my BIL's band}
Sorry, shameless plug.
Plus too many others to name.
4. Cats. Low maintenance. That's all I have to say about that.
5. 1 (I've thought about more. My brain can't handle it right now).
6. Yes
7. Smallville, The Lost {Yeah, somehow I've turned into a sci-fi geek} My hubby's so proud.
8. 50, but in my favorites. That just works for me.
9. Target. My hubby lovingly refers to WalMart as Hell. Enough said.

Very fun idea. I loved it. Can't wait to see what everybody else says.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Oh my gosh!!
TV shows- HOUSE
What was I thinking?!

Cajun said...

1. Would never moderate comments.
blah blah


3.Led Zeppelin (favorite rock band)

blah blah

Don't watch TV