May 10, 2009

Spectacular Sunday: My Mommy

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen to the first ever Seven Days of Blogging. This series started on Tuesday and it will sadly come to a close tomorrow. Today's post will be a letter to my mother, because it is Mother's Day. She is spectacular. Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mommy,

Happy Mother's Day!

Do you remember when I made that list of all of the things that I am proud of? I forgot to include a lot of things, like how I am proud to be your daughter. 

I was trying to find the lyrics for a song, and I came across this video that the lovely Taylor Swift made for her mother for mother's day. Every time that I hear this song, I cry, because it is our song, and it describes our relationship perfectly. 

I am listening to it right now, and crying. 

Thank you for rushing out and buying me a Communion dress. Yesterday was magical and lovely, just because of you. 

Today in church, when the priest called up all of the mothers, I started crying as I saw you walk up there.

I just started crying again, because I was thinking about it.

Thank you for always supporting me, always standing up for me, and taking my side even when we both knew that I was wrong. 

Thank you for protecting me and loving me. 

Thank you for letting me t.p. your own house. 

Thank you for being the best mom in the world. 

When I have children, I want to be a good mommy, just like you.

Thank you for sharing your body with me for nine months, and delivering me safe and happy into this world.

Thank you for being my Mommy. 



McGlone Bunch said...

You are so very very welcome..You deserve all that I can give you and more. You will be a better Mother than I ever could be.
I Love You.
Thank you for making me a Mommy :)

McGlone Bunch said...

I love love love love love that Video....Thank you.
Love, M Maegan said...

oh this is so sweet. gave me the chills.