May 7, 2009

TeeTee Thursdays: All About Moi

Step right up ladies and gentlemen to the first ever Seven Days of Blogging. For those of you who might be a little bit forgetful, or just arrived on this blog, we started this series on Tuesday and it will end on Monday. Are you frustrated with the fact that my Blogger Profile offers little information about me? Well, if you are ready, let's begin this post all about yours truly!
Hello, I am TeeTee. Hopefully you all know my gender {female} and if you don't know anything about me, continue to read! When you finish reading this post, you will get to know me a little bit better than you did before. 

Let's start off with one of my favorite subjects, religion. As some of you long time readers might know, I used to be Mormon for ten years. If you need to brush up on my past posts about being Mormon, you can click here, here, here, and here. I was baptized in the church, and was a member until a couple of years ago. I am not sad to have left the church, because it gave me a lot of opportunities that I would not have had otherwise. 

A couple of years ago, my parents made the decision to attend a local Catholic Church. I have attended communion classes for two years now, and it is almost time for the big day... that will be on Saturday. I have been enlightened many times through this religion, as well as the LDS church. 

I have a biological sister, who I refer to as My Princess, because she literally is. She also serves as the official photographer, when my body needs to be in the picture. I photograph myself as well, but she is really flexible, unlike the timer on my camera. I also have an unrelated-bleach-blonde sister that became mine back in April of 2009 when I wrote her this letter. 

I was born and raised in Southern California, and I do not want to ever move away. I absolutely love, love, love California and all the sun. I love it even more when it is warm enough to wear my pink skirt. 

I absolutely love reading, and I can sit and read forever, literally. I read the fourth and last book of the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, in one day! I have read almost every type of book, and with that, I have learned what a good book really is. 

I daydream and twirl in open places. I am really organized, and everything has its place in my room. If anything is out of place, I have to go pick it up. I swear I have OCD, because when it comes to my room and school, nothing is ever out of place. People call me organized and neat.

I love everything fashion. I love art, debating, and Grey's Anatomy

I loathe mean people, negative comments, test-prep, celebrity gossip, and rumors. I do not like it when people do not think before they speak. 

I am currently in love with pictures, and the proof can be seen here. I would love to be a photographer, but I might be leaning towards being a meteorologist when I grow up.

I give too much information sometimes, and I am known for being me. 

I occasionally have something called a TeeTee Moment, which occurs when I am acting dumb.

I am currently Following forty blogs on Blogger. 

I have brown hair and brown eyes, and a heart shaped face. 

And I love writing.

And blogging. 

Do you feel that you now know me a little bit better?

Let's toast, to the continuation of a great series!



sushigirl4996 said...

teetee! Was that pic. taken at school?

TeeTee said...

No, it was taken on the Medieval Times Field Trip.

C L A i R E...♥ said...

lol, I love your blog!

And Your username.
I am going to follow your blog!

Check out (and follow) mine!

Kelly said...

Cool picture!

marianna!? said...

you and me have a lot in common (: