May 3, 2009

What the World Needs

Less people worrying over the Swine Flu and more relaxation.


N said...


I like this picture, too. :] You have paint on your feet!

Alphie said...

I agree.

Stop worrying about it, and just wash your hands.

I recently got a new soap at bath and body works!

Warm Vanilla! =D

Kelly said...

Love the picture.

Tracey said...

I'm glad you stopped by and thank you for the compliment. I'll be back to check you out again too.

m/y said...

so true :) and the doggie is really cute!

James, Tamara, and Andrew said...

You said it! :-)

kle said...

hear, hear! love the pic! x

Sarah :) said...

Swine flu... pssh.
Me and the boy saw some chicks wearing swine flu masks at the mall Friday night.
It is NO WHERE near our part of the country yet.
Some people... *sigh*