June 18, 2009

Another Year Bites the Dust

I think it has finally hit me. Yesterday, as of 11:25 am, I am no longer in the grade I was in before, but in a different one, one that is older. I was going to have to say goodbye to all of my wondeful teachers, for three whole months. Knowing this made yesterday hard.

At 8am sharp, I walked in to The Social Studies Teacher's classroom. I sat in my chair that I have sat in for the past four months, and I thought to myself, "This is the last time I will sit in this chair." Then, the morning announcements came on, and announced that today was the last day of school, like anyone needed that reminder. Then, as the announcer-lady signed off, The Social Studies Teacher announced that we would have ice cream. We all got up, and stood in a line to get ours. Then, once everyone was served, The Social Studies Teacher told us that she would miss us, and to have an awesome summer... or something like that. 

Then we left, for second period.

We were soon greeted by The Math Teacher. We took our seats, and the bell rang. The Math Teacher stood up in front of the class, and he began to talk. "I cannot believe that it is summertime already," he said. Everyone thought quietly about that fact for a moment, and then he announced that it was picture time. We all gathered in the back, and we took an awesome picture. He then let us roam around the classroom, until it was time to leave. Almost all of the class hugged him as we left, myself included. I told him to have an awesome summer, and that I would miss him so much... because I love The Math Teacher. (If you knew him, you would love him too.)

Then we left, for third period.

Off I was, to see The Science Teacher for the last time. I walked in, and sat down. The bell rang, loudly announcing that we should all be in our proper class. We had an award ceremony, and then went outside to take a class picture. In that picture, I acted like a rockstar... it was awesome. Then, we went back inside the classroom, and The Science Teacher walked to everyone's desk and shook their hand. When he came to moi, I shook his, and told him how I would miss science (and him) this summer. The bell rang, and off we were, to period four.

On the way to fourth period, one of my friends complimented me. She told me how I had taught her how to come out of her shell, and how I actually got her to wear a dress. I started to cry.

We arrived as the bell rang, and started helping The Leadership Teacher clean up. We stacked books, ate cupcakes, and drank sodas. I said goodbye to some of my friends, and I walked around the class, remembering all that had happened this year. It was nice, and it ended too soon. The Leadership Teacher said goodbye to us, and then we left, for fifth period.

We were greeted by The Physical Education Teacher, who told us to sit on our numbers for the last time this year. He then gave us instructions to go sit on the wall on the field. There, he handed out lollipops and awards--some that said things like: most likely to get arrested, most likely to wear a speedo, and most likely to not do gymnastics during the summer, and so on. Luckily, I did not get an award, because if I did, I probably would have turned bright red. The bell rang, and we left, for sixth period.

The Language Arts Teacher greeted us. I asked her to sign my yearbook, and she did willingly. We watched Enchanted, and I talked with one of my friends. Since that was our last class, everyone counted down the minutes until Summer was here. I said,"Summer, summer, summer, summer...." until summer actually arrived. As the final bell rang, everyone screamed, and off we were, to begin our summer adventures.


McGlone Bunch said...

Now you know in PE you should have gotten "Best Somersault" he he. You have had a great year and gotten many awards!! we are very proud of our scholar.

Tay tulz said...

that is so kool i luv that!

Sheri said...

Beautiful :)

Jessica♥ said...

I'll be doing a look around just like you on tuesday. that's when my summer starts and school year ends. =]

marianna!? said...

this was beautiful.
i feel the same way.
just got over my sophomore year, and it's insane.
what grade ya' going into?

Lee said...

I remember saying bye to my teachers...
It always hurts. Especially when you got really close with that teacher.

TeeTee said...

marianna!?- it's a secret:)

Kelly said...

Hey TeeTee,
You hit 40 followers!

...love Maegan said...

oh this is too cute!

Annabel said...

Tee Tee!! I miss you already... :(
Oh well, I'll just email you later....

I love all your pictures! Reading this post made me cry.

Love, Jack-A-Line :)