June 3, 2009

Be Free


Today The Language Arts teacher and I had a conversation. It consisted of many ideas, and many words. We talked about Shakespeare, and Romeo and Juliet, as well as other things. 

One of my other friends was talking to The Language Arts teacher too, and I told her how when we first moved onto The Lane, I made the mistake of calling two parents Jim and Carol, their first names. I was immediately reprimanded, and was told to call them Mr. and Mrs. Whatever-their-last-name-is. So,  I proceeded to tell The Language Arts Teacher... " I wanted to say to them, 'Hello?, this is the twenty-first century, and some of us do not know that you are supposed to call parents that... I mean, I am only five years old.' I really wish I had actually said that."

And then, The Language Arts teacher started to laugh... because, well, it was funny. 

It was funny, right?

And then, once we were done laughing, we continued onto more... Language Art's worthy conversations. 

And then the bell rang. 

So, my friend and I headed to see The Physical Education Teacher, for our daily Physical Education class. 

And, it started to rain. 

Then the bell rang for us to get dressed into our normal clothes.

And then off we were, finally, to The Language Art Teacher's class, where we were due to take a spelling test. 

Right in the middle of that test, a thunder storm decided to begin. The door to the class was open, which made the thunder even louder. Everyone in class started to scream, but The Language Arts Teacher just shut the door quietly, and continued giving us our spelling test. 

Then, once the test was over, the thunder started to roar once again. Everyone started to scream, and I leaned across the table to one of my friends and I said... "Psssssssst.... Beverlee, there is thunder." 

She replied, "Psssst... TeeTee, I know!" She then gave me her signature Beverlee look that is really quite funny. 

Saying "Pssssssst" is a new habit of mine, by the way.

And then, I had to do some Language Arts work. 

Then, the bell rang to go home. 

And "Bye" I said to The Language Arts Teacher.

Until tomorrow, at least.


...love Maegan said...

oh that photo is gorgeous! ...I had some friends in high school whose parents asked that I call them Mr. and Mrs. so and so ...I thought it was weird too because my family was so laid back and non-traditional.

Qui_Mon_Jin said...

I love the sound of thunder, and I love rainstorms for that matter.

I bet that day was interesting.

Sarah :) said...

It stormed here yesterday (for that is when this was posted) too!

Jessica♥ said...

awee. i wish we had a thunderstorm. =[ I LOVE EM! they're the best.

McGlone Bunch said...

Your princess getting woken up by the thunder was pretty funny :)