June 29, 2009

Here's to Me

I am not full of myself. I am not a proud person, either. I know people who are full of themselves, and I am not like them.

However, there are certain things about myself that I do love.

The top ten things that I love about myself:

1. my dark, newly cut brown hair
2. my ability to tell a story
3. my dark brown eyes
4. the fact that I have never once cheated in school
5. my smile
6. my October birthday
7. the fact that I absolutely loathe talking on the phone
8. the fact that I can read an eight-hundred paged book in a day
9. my outlook on life
10. my awesome family

Do you have a list of ten things you love about yourself?

Want to share it with me?

Go ahead... and it will be featured here sometime this week!

Here's to me, and to you!


If you would like more of an insight into more why I started this project, please click here.


TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Great list, Tee Tee.
I don't know about mine. I guess I would have to think about it.
Have a fantastic week!

Lee said...

Hey, I can read 800 pages in a day too!
When I was reading the Twilight series, I read the first two books slowly up at camp. Finished them in a week.
But when I got home, I was craving the last two books.
So I bought both of them, and finished them both in one day.

tintin & coco said...
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Meaghan said...

I LOVE this! Its important to love yourself and know what is great about you :)

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Anna Gray said...

Cool post! I would do the top ten thing; but if I did, it would just sound kind of....self centered and bratty. :)

Tay tulz said...

Top Ten thing i luv about my self:
1.My blonde blonde hair
2.My singing voice
3.The fact i can get strait A's
4.My very blue eyes
5.The fact i can make friends easily
6.My ability to play sports
7.My ability to write and write for hours(as long as i'm not forced2)
8.My smile
9.My imagination
10.My ability to read for hours on end if its a good book.

De Lly Dilettante said...

I like this post. It's great to love yourself as opposed to being full of oneself. Two very different things indeed.

Sara said...

I guess I love my ability to write. And don't worry, you didn't sound self-centered!


Natalie said...

well ten things.....hmmm I would say
1. My light brown because i'm in a family who has very dark hair and it makes me stand out....[in an Asian one]
2.My green eyes because I remember when I was small I was commented on how pretty they were. It felt good.
3. My art because I am the only one who can create it
4.My ability to get up and work when I don't want to
5.My creativity
6. My ideas to look at things differently
7. My books-to read
8. My curiousity like Alice
9. My love of animals
10.My ability to not give in

It's good to write about good things of yourself once in a while. It is

...love Maegan said...

TeeTee ..this is beautiful!

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Great list! Here's to October birthdays!
I'm really grumpy today, so I can't even think of two things...oh well. Maybe I'll think about it later.

Suzanne said...

haha, yeah! nice top ten :). i think we've to love more about ourselves.

Carolyn said...

So glad to hear! I am rather self depicating, but i like myself too ;)

Way to keep life positive!

marianna!? said...

i love your list.
and i love how you appreciate yourself.

here we go:
My Top Ten Things I Love About Myself:
1. i have green eyes, but one has a brown splotch in it. i like it.
2. how i can put my whole life into one dance.
3. my ability to 'turn it on' when i am on stage.
4. my shortness.
5. my abstract mind that no one understands. (or so i'm told)
6. how i see the beauty in everything.
7. how i can just doodle, and people think it's a masterpiece.
8. how i bring out new layers to my friends' personalities.
9. how i have never touched drugs or alcohol in my whole life.
10. how i burn every stinkin' thing i cook. except waffles, that is. (;

N said...

Hee! I love this post! It's great to give yourself a little imaginary hug every once in a while.

My top 10 things I love about myself?... hmm... let's see if I can do it.

1)My sense of humor, a strange balance between those of my parents and closest pals
2)My eyes (specifically the lashes)
3)The fact that I'm younger than most people in my grade
4)My nerdiness
5)The fact that I don't use an iPod
6)How I get excited about any piece of mail I receive
7)My sense of style, which is unlike any of my friends
8)My gift for languages (specifically French)
9)My ability to do "The Running Man" dance
10)The fact that I still say "grownups" instead of "adults."

Yay! This was fun. :)

jasmine said...

ohhh! it's a series! how fun!! i love it.

camille said...

10 things i love.adore.admire about myself

1. my uncanny ability to randomly burst into song
2. not carrying whether my voice sounds pleasant
3. being able to listen to thuggy (yes, i did just say thuggy) music and classical tunes all within the same car ride
4. able to bear my burdens and sorrows with a smile
5. allowing my little sisters to "borrow," aka mutilate, my clothes and not get frustrated
6. that i can escape in a novel
7. having such an incredible family
8. being able to try any food
9. acting like i'm an overgrown child
10. feeling and finding magic in my life.

thanks for the idea!

sushigirl4996 said...

This actually took me awhile to think about.
the top ten things i love about me

1. I love that I act like I'm six years old.
2. I love not being able to care what others my age think about me.
3. I love that I can be loud with my friends.
4. I love that I can be funny at times.
5. I love that I can be wild with what sunglasses I pick out to wear.
6. I love that I day dream.
7. I love that I randomly feel artistic and get inspired.
8. I love how I never want to do drugs or drink alchohol.
9. I love how I can be very stupid at times.
10. I love how I set goals for myself. Even if they don't last long.

McGlone Bunch said...

1. i love that i love being a mom
2. i love the way i "keep" house
3. i love that i have rockin' tattoos
4. i love the way i save money
5. i love the way i kill all plants
6. i love the way i am strong and know it
7. i love that i fight for what i want
8. i love the way i have raised my girls so far
9. i love being a good wife
10. i love the way i love

Laila Of Course! said...

Awww, this idea is so brilliant! Hm. I'm going to try and have a go, just for the fun of it. lol.

I love, love, love... (about myself)

1. My laugh, which is just the tiniest bit loud and which ends unfailingly after five minutes
2. My uneven feet, one a centimeter or two longer than the other, which I inherited from my mom
3. My perpetually rosy cheeks
4. My weird way of looking at the tiniest details instead of the big picture
5. My feet in high heels, although that doesn't always mean I can walk in the said heels
6. My being able to look hot while wearing headscarf
7. My enthusiasm whenever I begin obsessing over something
8. My brown and green eyes. I am so terribly proud of them.
9. My happiness over discovering playgrouds, even now
10.My duck imitation voice

Ahahah, I loved this! It is really quite wonderful to become excited over the little things all over again. Thank you!

xo Laila

georgia b. said...

i adore this idea, and when i saw it in you side bar, i could not resist clicking on the link, nor could i pass up the opportunity to participate. love love love it!

i loved your list.

here are my 10 things.

1. i am an identical twin.
2. i love design
3. i am drawn to beauty in it's billions forms.
4. my name
5. the fact that my eyes get more intensely green when i cry.
6. that i have found the best creative outlet of my life in my blogs.
7. that i can take pictures, and that i am happy with many of my photographs, even if they are not great.
8. that i am far from perfect, so i have lots of room to grow.
9. that i love vintage things, especially from the 20s, 40s and 60s. {hey, i just noticed all my favorite decades are even numbers.}
10. that to me, music is the best thing this life has to offer.

thanks. this was so much fun to do! :)

again, wonderful idea!

Sarah :) said...

Here you go, honey bunch. I even made a whole post about it on my blog, check it out. :D

1) I love my sign language vocabulary. It's limited and not very good, but is always growing and improving, and I love it. The ability to communicate with those who cannot hear me is astounding.
2) I love the freckle in my right eye. It's large, and dark and I love it. I feel it makes me unique and special.
3) I love my cursive handwriting. When I take the time to write slowly and nicely, it looks astounding.
4) I love my obsession with comics. I love any sort of comic, online or otherwise. I could read books full of comic strips (not to be confused with comic books) for hours. Garfield, Dilbert, Zits, Calvin and Hobbes, XKCD, Explosm, Rooster Teeth... if it's drawn and in panel form, I love it.
5) I love my extensive medical knowledge. For a 16 year old girl who's never been to med school or taken anything other than 10th grade biology, I think I've got a pretty good understanding of the human body, how it works and how to heal it.
6) I love my rational-ness. For a woman, a teenager at that, I am very rational. I don't anger easily, I don't blow things out of proportion, I don't have crazy demands. When The Boy does something stupid, I don't blow up at him. I laugh and shrug it off. I'm pretty sure he loves it too.
7) I love my love for children. I adore kids, and they like me pretty well too. They're just so young, so innocent, so pure. I would much rather spend time with younger kids than ones my age.
8) I love my niceness--- usually. I am an overly nice person. Always. No matter what. I don't know why, but I just don't have it in myself to be mean, unless someone just really sets me off. Like, playing video games that you can either be a nice character or an evil one, I'm always the nice one. Always. I feel bad being mean to the virtual people. So, sometimes my niceness is a blessing, others a curse.
9) I love my photograpghy. I love taking pictures, and looking at pictures I've taken, and hanging my favorites on the wall... I love photography in general, really. But I love mine even more so, because it's something I do, and do right.
10) I love my ability to get to know people before judging them. I believe that everyone deserves at least one chance, no matter how they look, act, dress, smell or live. They deserve a chance.

kELLO! said...

I always say that if there were two of me in the world, we have SO MUCH FUN...

1. my sneeze. (it's dainty)
2. the fact that i THINK I'm the funniest person in the world. even when others tell me I'm clearly not.
3. my ability to make ANY situation awkward.
4. my golf drive. I'm no pro, but I can outdrive my 6'3" husband. and I like it.
5. that i STILL act like a child on Christmas morning. getting up at the crack of dawn, ripping open presents, playing with them all day long, etc.
6. I'm a really good neighbor. making them pies, sharing garden goods, chit-chatting, etc.
7. I think I'm pretty creative.
8. I can copy handwriting really well. comes in handy for scrapping.
9. that I always ask for a piggy back ride when I get tired of walking
10. my bangs. I cut them myself and they're not too shabby.

cute blog. and great idea to promote self enhancement!

Cat said...

I think I'm going to give this a shot. I might learn something about myself along the way :)

I love...
1. That I can teach myself how to do things.
2. That I will get up in the middle of the night to look up something totally random on Google or Wikipedia.
3. That I love helping people.
4. That I think I am very lucky.
5. That I think that everyone has someone that will always think that you're the prettiest girl in the room.
6. That I look before I leap.
7. That I am shy, but I’m not afraid to be bold and to stand up for what I believe in.
8. That my eyes are big and blue with a little touch of hazel.
9. That I can trip over anything and blush very deeply.
10. That I easily laugh at myself.

That was fun! I love your blog and I love that we have the chance to do this :)

Jessica♥ said...

I love...
1. That I can dance, and people know it.
2. My ability to do anyone's hair.
3. That I can't sing, but I do it anyway.
4. I'm not afraid to speak my mind.
5. How I can be ignored all day and still be happy.
6. That people recognize me by my funny laugh.
7. My easily tannable, Italian skin.
8. My green eyes.
9. My sense of fashion.
10. My soft skin.


Jalene said...

Hello! I found you through Camille. I loved this little feature and wanted to share The top ten things that I love about myself:

1. my big eyes.
2. my ability to cry with perfect strangers.
3. my deep passion for living life with happiness.
4. how i have the most amazing friends in the entire world.
5. my very nicely proportioned toes.
6. how i crave learning.
7. how i always seem to have a camera attached to my hand.
8. how i love wearing heels even though i'm 5'8.
9. my awesome car-dancing skills.
10. how much i love music.

thanks for this. it was fun!