June 25, 2009

It's Called Magic.

Have you heard this song?

It is magical.


kate lines said...

i lalalove her.

Claire said...

very cool song. is this from her new album? i love her but hadn't heard any new songs. thanks for sharing.

Jessica♥ said...

awe. i can't listen to it my speakers are busted! darn..

TeeTee said...

Claire- Yes, it is from her new album. I love this song the most.

Lee said...

I freaking love Regina Spektor.
Have you heard her song "On the Radio"?
It's one of my favorites.

Annabel said...

She's good. Touching song. Reminds me when my mom's Grandpa died. He had told us a few years back that he didn't want a funeral. He wanted us all to be together and happy and laugh. And we did. Through red eyes and inner bruises, we were together.

And no black,either (so I wore red velvet).

Don't laugh at God. He'll take something away. Sometimes, it's your best friend. Sometimes its your mom's grandfather. Sometimes, it's just the person you needed. And he leaves you with remorse for what you'd done.

I know exactly how that pair of hateful eyes looks.

Love, Jackie