June 2, 2009

June is {Finally} Here

Dear Mrs. June,

Hello, TeeTee here, and boy, oh boy, am I excited for your arrival! I have been waiting and waiting... and here you finally are! I cannot wait for the sunshine, beaches, and other things that California Summers have to offer us. Bring all of your sun and heat to me, I can take it. I promise. 

Now, like every month , I will recite to you all my June to-do list listings:
  • keep being honest
  • keep responding to my emails. 
  • take more pictures. 
  • stop blogging so much (this is already in the works)
  • find some inspiration.
  • go to the beach, and take pictures there.
  • chew less gum. 
  • drink more water.
  • do something new with my hair, I need to call Cheryl.
  • celebrate something.
Now, as much as I try to stick with this list, things may or may not get done. Don't get mad if I choose not to. And, you will notice that all of these things are self-indulgent, but that's okay for now.

June, welcome back, we've missed you and your sun.



Tobye said...

Ah, June, the beginning of summer. Such glorious possibilities....

Lee said...

I definitely need to start drinking more water.
I slack bad in that department.

Sara said...

June for me is the end of school. Who doesn't love June?


Kelly said...

June is my favorite month! Another year old, here I come!

Jessica♥ said...

I always used to make summer lists. I just looked back at one a few months ago and i did not complete any of the things i wanted to.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Sounds like a good list to me. If only most teenagers had so much order in their lives, huh?! Have a great day!