June 10, 2009

A Miracle


In the beginning of 2009, I did not believe in God. I was going through first communion classes to become Catholic, but nothing could convince me to believe in God. I told no one of this belief... because I believed that people (especially my parents) would not understand my logic behind it.

When I finally decided to come out, and say that yes, I did not believe in God, my parents said okay... and asked me why exactly I believed in my theory. I asked them how they could believe in a God that kills so many people every day, a God that has flooded the whole earth, a God that put people on this planet to do harm. My father told me that he thinks that God has a reason for all of this... that he doesn't totally hate us. 

I disagreed.

But, eventually, I came around to his way of thinking. I spent hours thinking about it, and I finally concluded that there really must be a God in heaven.

And then, this morning, I saw a miracle.

It wasn't a huge one, but it was a miracle.

And the more that I opened my eyes, the more miracles I saw.

This morning, I stood outside. I watched as little flowers fell from our Jacaranda tree in our yard. Not one second passed before another flower fell, and another. 

Truly a miracle.

Then, as we drove off to school, we saw two dogs playing in a yard, together.

"Truly a miracle," I thought to myself.

As I went to see The Physical Education Teacher, for our daily P.E. class, I snuck a peek at Luke's very blonde head. I didn't get jealous, instead I thought to myself...

Truly a miracle.

And, as I sit here typing, I am thinking that life itself is a miracle. 

And it was given to me, and you.


Sarah :) said...

I can't go a day looking at Jonah without seeing a miracle. When you look at all of the things he's overcome in his lifetime... It is truly a miracle.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Life truly is a miracle, Tee Tee.
God is all around us. He is in everything, those leaves, the puppies, in you. If we recognize him and believe in him he will always be there showing us miracles.
BTW, I personally believe that God does love us. He didn't put people here to kill other people, or to cause chaos and pain. We make those choices. Free will. That is God's gift to us. The ability to choose our path, to believe in him, and to pass that on to the people around us.
I'm happy for you Tee Tee. There is no greater life than one blessed by God (and you recognizing it).
Best of weeks,

Tobye said...

You're right Tee Tee. Life is a miracle, and if you look, you can see it all around you! Thanks for sharing.

Lee said...

You're right, life really is a miracle. And it needs to be cherished while we have it.