July 3, 2009

Dream in Color

So I did it. 

I painted my toenails all different colors. 

When I pulled the nail polish bag out of the medicine cabinet (yeah, I don't know why it's there either), ten different colors began whispering to me... telling me that they wanted to be used. 

First, it was Mrs. Bright Red. She whispered to me, "You know you love me."

I set her aside. 

Second, Mr. Plum came out. He said, "Are you going to use me to paint your toenails?"

"I think I will."

Third came Miss Brown. She told me, "You know I am your favorite color. Please use me to paint your toenails."

Next came Mr. Burgundy. He told me, "Just use me wherever you want."

Then Mrs. Dark-Dark Pink came out of the bag. She asked me, "Am I going to be used today?"

"Yes, yes you are," I replied, as I set her down. 

I was then done with choosing the reds (and brown) for my left foot. My right foot was left, and I wanted to paint it bright, summer colors. 

Out came Mr. Orange. He told me, "I want to be used-- after all, I am a very, very bright color!"

So, I set him aside to be used. 

Then a Mrs. Dark Blue (she was a birthday gift to me last year) popped out of the bag. I couldn't help but set her aside, too. After all, blue is my second-most-favorite color. 

Mrs. Sunny Yellow perkily asked me, "Will I be painted onto one of your toenails?"

"Yes, I think you will," I smiled and replied back to her. 

Mr. Green ran out of the bag, and lined himself up next to Mrs. Sunny Yellow. 

And lastly, Mrs. Sparkly Purple came out and shouted to all of the colors, "I am the last one! Yay!"

And then I painted. 

And painted. 

And painted. 

Then, they turned out just as I had pictured them.

Perfect, even with my ugly tan-line.


N said...

Haha aww, you are my hero! I used to do that all the time and now I rarely even paint my nails! What a fun way to celebrate summer in all of its awesomeness.

Tay tulz said...

that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sara said...

I don'y have the courage to do that So yes. You are one of my heroes.

Lee said...

Your toes look so adorable! I love it! I wish I had enough nail polish to do that!

kate lines said...

i love it!

Lee said...

Huh? There's another Lee? Hahahaha.

Anywayssss, that is what I call, the spirit of youth. Stay young for as long as you live. Don't ever let your creativity die. :D

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Love it--"the right one was left." (giggling)

cgw @ accidentally, kle said...

so cute! i know two other people who did that this week!! love the post :) x