July 28, 2009

Dust Bunnies Out of the Closet

My room was messy. Normally when I say this, people roll their eyes, because my room is always clean. But this time, it really was messy.

The floor was littered with cards from different people telling me how sorry they were about Fanci, three different purses, a Coach bag left over from last week's shopping trip, a camera, flip flops, dust, pillows, Fanci's old stuffed animals, and lots and lots of other things.

It had to be cleaned up.

I begrudgingly set off for the kitchen, where the broom is held. I grabbed it, and started to sweep.

But then I looked down, and the floor could not be swept quite yet.

"Well hello long-lost t-shirt, it's nice to see you again," I said to a shirt on the floor.

"And you, Mr. and Mrs. Card, come with me, you will now be put with the other cards."

"But we want to stay on the floor!" they replied.

"Well I am cleaning my room," I replied angrily.

Mr. Red Flip-Flop and Mrs. Brown Flip-Flop were picked up and put in the closet.

Dirty clothes were put in the laundry basket. Pillows were put on the bed.

Finally, the floor was all picked up, and I could sweep.

"Well hello, Mr. Dust-Bunny, it is very nice to see you."

As I swept, I sang to the words of Augustana. When I was done, I moved on to the dusting, beginning with my bookshelf.

Once the bookshelf was dusted, I stepped back and admired my work.

Next came the desk. It was littered with notebooks and post-its. I put everything in it's proper place and wiped the desk clean.

Next came the dresser, it had to be dusted and things had to be put away.

Then, my whiteboard had to be wiped down, along with the mirror.

Easy, easy.

At last, I was finished. My room was sparkling clean, and all of the dust bunnies were out of the closet and in the trash can.

And it better stay that way, at least until Thursday.


Lee said...

haha, cute story. My room really needs to be cleaned. Particularly my workspace. 2 water bottles, a cup of coffee, ink stains, pens/pencils/markers all over...and other things. I think that's what my next post will be about. My computer workspace lol. I'll just explain everything.

It's been done before, but everyone's workspace is unique.

Jessica♥ said...

That is not messy at all!!
Crazy person. ;]

Laila Of Course! said...

YAY YAY! Your room is clean! :) I always feel oh so accomplished when my room is neat and sparklingly clean. Mmm.

Lee said...

My room has hidden dust bunnies. On the surface, it's clean, but if you really dig...

Wendyburd1 said...

I love your dirty stuff talking to you! LOL! What is the point, seriously though, of having a Flicker account? What does it do for you?

JennyMac said...

Very cute post. And a clean room to boot? Bravo.

I Love Brownies said...

Now that all the clutter is gone - TAG! You have time now to play along! You've been given an award!

marianna!? said...

i love this post, and how you tell the story.
and i as well cannot keep my room clean.

Cat said...

Cute story :)

JESs said...

this is really cute. hi im jessie and my friend caitlin (cat) the one above me told me about your blog and its really cute. fee free to take a look at mine. p-smurf.blogspot.com

Children of the 90s said...

Haha, maybe if my messy room spoke to me more I'd be more inclined to clean it up! Very cute :)