July 21, 2009

Here's to Me {by marianna!?}


A couple of months ago, I found one of my favorite blogs. Yes, I do have some favorites, and Marianna's is one of them. She tells a story perfectly, and always has the best pictures. I am very glad that she loves herself!

Marianna!?'s top ten things she loves about herself:

1. i have green eyes, but one has a brown splotch in it. i like it.
2. how i can put my whole life into one dance.
3. my ability to 'turn it on' when i am on stage.
4. my shortness.
5. my abstract mind that no one understands. (or so i'm told)
6. how i see the beauty in everything.
7. how i can just doodle, and people think it's a masterpiece.
8. how i bring out new layers to my friends' personalities.
9. how i have never touched drugs or alcohol in my whole life.
10. how i burn every stinkin' thing i cook. except waffles, that is. (;

Thank you Marianna!?
* Picture from her profile.

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marianna!? said...

awe! thank you so much for doing this!

i love your blog as well!
it inspires me and gives me a fresh persepctive on life.
i definetly look forward to reading it every day.

you have definetly made an impact in my life. thank you (:

Laila Of Course! said...

Awww! That is really sweet. And Marianna!? sounds wonderful. :)

Be sure and come by my blog today and comment. My photo caption contest is still going on, so please submit a caption (even if you already did)!


Yaya said...

Green eyes! How cool!