July 10, 2009

Here's to Me {by Natalie}

When Natalie sent me her list, I loved reading it! I am glad that she loves herself, because everyone should!

Natalie's top ten things she loves most about herself:

1. my light brown hair because I'm in a family who has dark hair and it makes me stand out
2. my green eyes because I remember when I was small I was complimented on how pretty they were
3. my art because I'm the only one who can create it
4. my ability to get up and work when I don't want to
5. my creativity
6. my ideas to look at things differently
7. my books to read
8. my curiosity like Alice
9. my love of animals
10. my ability not to give in

Here's to you!

Do you have a list of the top ten things that you love about yourself?

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*Image: Natalie's profile.


Sara said...

I'm glad that girls are getting more confident. We have a lot of things bringing us down.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Another great list!
Keep 'em coming, girls!

Natalie said...

aww thanks for mentioning me....oh thank you, thank you, thank you!

cgw @ accidentally, kle said...

what a wonderful thing to do! i dont have a list like this but might start working on one thanks to you :) ♥

Tay tulz said...

that list is awesome