July 5, 2009

How We Celebrate Our Independence: A Photo Essay

It started with an invitation to go to my Aunt and Uncle's house for a party. Knowing their rockstar past, they know how to throw a party.

We decided to go.

We arrived, and I snapped a shot of these beautiful mountains.

"More blessings," I thought.

Then, after almost everyone decided to swim, they all took a shower.

And then dressed themselves... including my little cousin.

I knew I taught Miss Nut to walk in my footsteps.

(We have the same black shoes... and she was blow-drying her hair.)

At one point, we all got hungry.

Even Daisy, with her polka-dot tongue.

We ate chicken, awesome steak, salad, and watermelon.

By the end of the night, I was lured out of my vegetarianism.

For desert, we had brownies that were out of this world.

After dinner, we drew pictures,

played dress up,

and we even dressed the dog up.

Then, us true rockstars left the adults to talk, and we escaped to dance to Hannah Montana.

(We have to keep with our rockstar diets somehow.)

Eventually, we had to leave the party, and do some fireworks somewhere legal.

We did lots of sparklers.

Some of us were brave enough to set off huge fireworks.


Not so much.

Thank you all, we had a ball!

(Hey, that rhymes!)

- TeeTee


Kelly said...

Cute hair TeeTee!

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! I'm digging the hair too. ;)

Lee said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of fun! I'm jealous. I wish we could've done fireworks.
And the food looks yummy!