July 1, 2009

It's July!

Dearest Mr. July,

Hello there... it's TeeTee again! Don't you just look fabulous and all ready to begin a new month! Boy, oh boy, am I excited that you are here, because I really want summer to be here. Here in what is supposed to be Sunny California, it is only 84 degrees outside. It may be hot to you, but to us Californians, that is not hot to us! 

As usual, I will recite to you my monthly to-do list listings:

  • become a better photographer (see the process here!)
  • take a picture like this one here.
  • stop biting my nails... it is not very ladylike.
  • answer every single email, as soon as I get it.
  • go to the beach.
  • prepare for The Vacation.
  • watch less iCarly...
  • paint my toenails all different colors.
  • blog less.
  • clean my room.
Now, I understand that all of these listings relate to me, myself, and I, but it is July after all, and he only decides to roll around once a year. 

Happy July!

p.s.- Thank you for all of your lists (and wonderful comments) on my post Here's to Me. Your lists will show up here (hopefully) by Saturday. If you would still like to post a list of the top ten things that you love most about yourself, move your mouse over HERE and click! to leave a comment with your list. Thank you!



S.B. said...

good luck on the nail biting thing...that's something I have been working on my entire life....
still haven't made much progress.
Hope it goes better for you.

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

I too am very excited to see Mr. July! I do have to tell you that 84 degrees is indeed hot for us, but that has been the temperature here lately so I can imagine your lack of enthusiasm with that temperature. Your toenails look fabulous, btw.

TeeTee said...

they are not actually my toenails... they are my mom's.

mine are currently 10 different shades of color.

but... she will love the compliment anyway!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Best of luck with the nail biting thing, get some of that bad tasting nail polish, that helped me pretty well. And hope you accomplish everything on your to do list!


Kelly said...

I had the idea of painting my nails all different colors too!
I guess being sisters, we share minds :)

Tamara @ Watching the Grass Grow said...

Hah! I was just contemplating an entire post about the fascination with french-tipped nails that I have developed this summer. Your mom and I have similar tastes---red on the toes, too.

jasmine said...

that's an excellent to do list. i finally kicked my nail biting habit a couple years ago...when i was 25. i don't even know how i did it! i think maybe keeping my nails short has helped.

Lee said...

I hope I can stop biting my nails.
Actually, I hope I can stop swallowing them.

And July is my birthday month, so I'm excited!