July 25, 2009

Questions and Answers, Your Answers.

You asked, and now I am answering.

What kind of camera do you use?

I use an Olympus Evolt E-500. It is wonderful, I recommend it to anyone looking for an SLR camera. It is easy to use, and takes high quality pictures. My favorite (and best) pictures that I have taken have been with this camera. 

I have an 8.1 Megapixel camera since I was told that unless you wanted to get professional, 8 megapixel is enough. What opinion do you have?

My personal opinion is that it is not the camera that makes the pictures, but the photographer. I have an old camera that I use on beach trips and it takes perfect pictures, if not better pictures than the professional camera that I have. I can take the best picture on the oldest camera, and I can take the best picture on the newest camera on the market. I think it's the photographer. 

How do you pronounce TeeTee?


My pictures at times turn out blurry, what am I doing wrong?

I would make sure that the camera is focusing properly... there might be a problem with that. I know that my camera does not auto-focus sometimes... that may just be the problem.

If you had a son, what would you name him?

Oh Emily, you really know how to make me smile. 

If I had a son, I would probably name him Bryce. Our family is big on family names. 

How much was your Polaroid camera? How much does film cost?

I wish I had a Polaroid camera, it has been on the top of my wish-list for a while. I use free software called Poladroid. It is awesome, and produces lifelike polaroid pictures. And, through using the software, film is free, too!

What's your favorite kind of picture to take?

Oooh.. this is a hard one. I would have to say nature pictures are my favorite. I love photographing anything though. I can say that I do not like taking pictures of myself, because they do not allow me to be behind the lens. 

How can it be that you are so wonderful?  

Oh my goodness, thank you! 

I have been wanting to talk about this for a while, but I was unsure of exactly how to. My life is not perfect. It is far from it. I hope that while reading this blog you don't think that I am perfect, or that my life is. I don't like blogs that talk about how they are awesome and their life is perfect. Honestly, I've stopped reading blogs like that... too. I try my best to keep it real. 

But, I am a rock star. I'll give myself that...

How many different cards do you own?

Sixteen different designs. Forty-two cards all together.

What do you do on Friday Nights?

Oh, Kelly, I love you. I would answer this, but it's our own little inside joke. 

Are you wearing any shoes right now? What color are they?

I'm barefoot. You could say that my shoes are my skin tone with different colored toenails, though.

What's up with the label "And Heaven Will Smell Like the Airport"? (Not an actual question, but I figured some of you were wondering.)

Ah, my favorite label. There is this group on Flickr, that has a similar name, and this group contains some of the best pictures on Flickr. They are handpicked by one person, and are some of the most inspirational pictures on Flickr today.

And the pictures here, they are handpicked by me. They are some of the best pictures that I have taken, and I have posted them here for you to see with little or no description. And yes, I do have a photography blog for that... but these pictures are special. 

Whew... that was fun!
Who wants to do it again?


Kelly said...

I definately want tp do that again. It was so much fun just reading it.

I have more questions.

TeeTee said...

Ask me when we're iming each other.

Lee said...

I love taking nature pictures too, but my favorite has always been portraits. :)

Summer said...

Just came across your blog!

Loved the Q&A!