July 29, 2009

While in Hawaii

Yours truly in Hawaii, 2007.

At about this time tomorrow, I will be well on my way to Hawaii. Delivered there via airplane, I will enjoy a week-long vacation. Every little detail has been taken care of-- including the six t.v. episodes that are being downloaded right now onto my iPod. Suitcases still need to be packed, laundry needs to be done, rooms need to be cleaned.

I would like to take this time to thank you. Yes, you. Everyone who has followed, commented, linked-to, given blog awards, you. When I began this blog, it was strictly for me. And then one person started to read, and another and another. It amazes me. You amaze me.

And, when we are delivered back into LAX Airport on Friday (August 7th), please be prepared for lots and lots, and lots of pictures.

While I am away, if you have not already, submit a Here's to Me list here... I would love to have you join in on the fun!

(I'll see you in Hawaii. I'll be the girl with the multicolored toenails.)

And really,
thanks for being so good.


...love Maegan said...

you are far smarter than your years. Thank you for your comment. It is exactly the same thing. Thank you for your perspective. ;)

Elaine said...

Oooh I just went to Hawaii last month...I loved it!! I hope you have a ton of fun and don't get sunburnt! clothedmuch.blogspot.com

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

I am so ready for lots of pictures. Have an amazing trip, Tee Tee. I can't wait to hear about your adventures.
By the way, you have meant so much to me as well.

Jessica♥ said...

Hawaii?? hmph. YOU'RE SO LUCKY!!
I have barely enough money to dance. I bet it'll be amazing. Have fun!

Yaya said...

Have FUN!

marianna!? said...

no, thank YOU!
and have fun! (:

marianna!? said...

no, thank YOU!
and have fun! (:

Lee said...

Have a great time! I can't wait to see the pictures you get!

Wendyburd1 said...

U R so lucky!!! I await the pics with excitement!! Take some of hibiscus for me!!

Laila Of Course! said...

Be sure and post photos! And have a wonderful, wonderful time in Hawaii!!
Be sure and enter my giveaway-- it's really easy to enter! And please do pop by & leave a comment.


Kate said...

Your blog is adorable! I will def be going through the archives so that I'm caught up by the time you get back from Hawaii!

Toothfairynotes said...

ah no! I'm so jealous! you're going to hawaii! hey I'm so tiny, maybe I'll fit in your suitcase... :P

thanks for the lovely comment on my latest post!


N said...

Not only am I prepared for lots of pictures, I DEMAND THEM! :D Heehee. Have loads of fun, and try not to get burned! Maybe your flip-flop tan line will get even more intense!

natalie said...

Thanks for checking out my bloggity blog :D

Awww, you're so lucky! Have a blast in Hawaii, and I can't wait to see all of the pictures :D

Sara said...

Have fun! Bring me back a lei! :D

Lila Sweetheart said...

Wow, I am seriously jealous! Hope you are having an amazing trip.

...love Maegan said...

Hope you had a blast ;)

TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

Hi there TeeTee.
Are you back?! I can't wait to see the photos. Lots and lots please.
It was really nice to hear your "voice", btw.
Missed ya'.

TeeTee said...

Yes, I am back!

I missed you too... I am so glad to be back!

An actual post is coming, as well as a link with tons of pictures!