August 9, 2009

August, August, August.

Dear Miss August,

Hello there, it's TeeTee again! I've missed you, and I am very excited that you are here! I have been waiting for your arrival all summer, because you are my second favorite month. Also, it means that the arrival of yet another school year is less than a month away.

And, as usual, I will post all of the things that I hope to get accomplished by the end of August:
  • clean my room in preparation for the new school year.
  • go shopping.
  • kick my bad online shopping habit.
  • spend less time reading blogs, and read more books.
  • spend less time on the computer altogether.
  • find my chapstick that likes to hide.
  • write some more little love notes.
  • respond to my emails as soon as I get them. (this one is always the hardest for me.)
  • keep with the whole "biting your nails is disgusting" thing.
  • get my hair cut again.
  • publish all of the here's to me lists.
I understand that all of these to-do list listings relate to me, but Miss August only rolls around once a year, and right now is that time. So, enjoy what Miss August decides to bring us, and have a lovely month.



Lee said...

"go shopping.
kick my bad online shopping habit."


You're very organized and...planned. You sound like a micromanager. Interesting. xD

Lee said...

Oh, forgot to mention. Is that flower a lily? It looks really bizzare. But awesome picture!

Sarah :) said...

Sounds like a full month! :)

natalie said...

I also am in need of accomplishing a lot of the things on your list. Well, at least the room cleaning and shopping and less time spent on the computer. And I need to get my haircut too, but I'm afraid that they'll botch it up beyond repair :P

I hope August brings us both what we need! :)

Cat said...

I love this :)

Jessica♥ said...

You too!
I hope you finish that list! =]